House approves bill allowing employees to work outside office

MANILA, Philippines – The House of Representatives approved today on final reading the bill that allows “telecommuting” or the option for employees to work away from office.

House approves bill allowing employees to work outside office
Are you ready to work away from your office? Photo courtesy: Pixabay

The House Bill No. 7402, or the proposed Telecommuting Act, will enable employees to find other suitable workplace options other than the office by making use of telecommunications.

Under the bill, the telecommuting program will only be optional and should be under the terms and conditions of the employers with the agreement of the concerned employees.

Following the labor laws, it should still follow the minimum number of work hours, overtime, rest days and entitled to leave benefits.

There should also be no difference on the workload and performance standards as those working inside the office.

Rep. Luis Raymund Villafuerte, the principal author of the bill said that making use of the available modern technology will help ease the worsening traffic. He said, “More and more employers have expanded the traditional mode of on-site work to the adoption of flexible working arrangements such as the compressed workweek and telecommuting, among others.”

The Department of Labor and Employment is also tasked to take part by launching a pilot program on select industries for a period of maximum of years.

The agency will also be responsible for making further research on the program as well as evaluation and monitoring.

The 'Telecommuting Bill’ received a unanimous vote of 239 in the chamber.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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