Barkada saves ‘taong grasa’ friend even if he couldn’t recognize them anymore


MANILA, Philippines – “A friend in need is a friend indeed!”
Barkada saves ‘taong grasa’ friend even if he couldn’t recognize them anymore

This saying was proven by a group of friends who recently went viral for saving an old friend that had become a ‘taong grasa’.

Identified as ‘Jappy’, this friend of theirs appears to have lost his mind from living in the streets for too long. His plight is pitiful and he could be a lost soul forever but the friends did not turn their backs on him.

Barkada saves ‘taong grasa’ friend
Photo credit: Jhun Mahinay / Facebook

He was their friend and they were determined to save him, no matter what the cost.

“Sa mga kababata ko at mga kumpare at sa mga naging kaibigan, 'eto na si Jappy ngayon. Nakakaawa naman 'tong kababata natin,” Jan Baloloy messaged his friends after spotting their old friend last May 8.

He shared a photo of their friend sitting at the sidewalk near Commonwealth Puregold, totally unaware of what was happening around him. Jappy didn’t recognize him.

Barkada saves ‘taong grasa’ friend Jappy
Photo credit: Minsan Okay Lang Ma-traffic / Facebook

Immediately after reading the message, Frankie Jawo Mangali went to the spot to try and help their friend but Jappy didn’t recognize him as well. In fact, he felt like crying when Jappy just ignored him and didn’t even appear to understand a word he was saying but was mumbling something and just talking to himself.

“Marami nagbibigay sa kanya ng pagkain.Tinatanggap naman n'ya kaso itatapon din n'ya at 'di kakainin. Gusto ko sana isama kaso baka bigla tumalon sa motor. Ano kaya magandang gawin natin?” Frankie asked the group.

Barkada saves ‘taong grasa’ friend Jappy
Photo credit: Minsan Okay Lang Ma-traffic / Facebook

Not wasting their time, the other friends agreed that they should take their friend home and help him out. While they were already busy with their own lives, they could not just turn away from Jappy, knowing that they might be his only hope.

The friends brought him food and went to the area where he was last spotted. It broke their hearts to see his condition, especially because he was obviously not well. He couldn’t recognize them at all but they kept on talking to him, giving him the food they brought.

“Sama ka sa amin, ha? Uwi na tayo ng Marikina,” one of the guys told Jappy.

He might not recognize these people but he surely felt safe with them because he agreed. Tears could be seen welling up in his eyes. Perhaps he remembered them again or just knew in his heart that these are people who could be trusted.

Eventually, he seemed to recognize them and didn’t resist when they brought him home.

Back in Marikina, the friends bathed him and gave him more food. They are also planning to get him treated, even if that meant paying for his medical bills. But they are all willing to help their friend.

The friends are also knocking on generous hearts to help them treat Jappy’s mental illness. Donations may be coursed through Jhun Mahinay, the one who uploaded their rescue video.

— Danielle Ramos, The Summit Express

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