Priest goes viral for wearing ‘pambahay’ during christening

    Priests are ordained religious leaders who are authorized to perform sacred rituals like christenings and weddings.
    Priest goes viral for wearing ‘pambahay’ during christening

    While it is possible that they are not required to wear their priestly vestments during all sacred rituals, people have come to expect that the priests will wear outfits that are appropriate for the solemn occasion.

    For this reason, one priest recently went viral after he was photographed performing a christening while wearing what appears to be pambahay (house clothes), complete with yellowish brown bedroom slippers.

    “TINGNAN: Mga newbie parents, nagulat sa "summer outfit" ng pari na nag-binyag sa kanilang anak,” wrote Pilipino Star Ngayon.

    Priest goes viral for wearing ‘pambahay’ during christening
    Photo credit: Facebook / Pilipino Star Ngayon

    While the unnamed priest wore a stole around his neck to make his outfit more priestly perhaps, the child’s parents and many netizens still believe that his clothes and footwear were an insult. Such clothes should not be used by any priest when performing sacred rites such as a christening!

    “Hindi kasi kami na-inform na pwede summer outfit, pinaghandaan pa naman namin ang aming mga pormahan,” the parents wrote, calling the priest’s clothes as ‘summer outfit’ to lessen the blow.

    The post shared on Pilipino Star Ngayon gained mixed reactions.

    Many netizens slammed the priest for his inappropriate attire, commenting that it just takes a couple of minutes to change from his ‘house clothes’ to more formal wear. In fact, had he used his priest’s gown over that outfit, no one would have noticed that he was actually wearing pambahay underneath.

    And it would take just a minute to slip on a decent pair of black or brown shoes.

    Priest goes viral for wearing ‘pambahay’ during christening
    Photo credit: Facebook / Pilipino Star Ngayon

    But others slammed the parents for complaining, telling them that the church’s blessing was more important than the clothes worn by the priest. Many said that the priest remains an ordained minister of God who has the authority to perform such sacred rituals, no matter what clothes he is wearing.

    What’s your take on this?

    — Danielle Ramos, The Summit Express
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