Student with genetic disease graduates as magna cum laude, proves disability is not a hindrance

MANILA, Philippines - A student from Davao serves as an inspiration to many people with disability as she graduated college and even finished as magna cum laude.

Student with genetic disease graduates as magna cum laude, proves disability is not a hindrance
Blissie Cervantes was diagnosed with Osteogenesis imperfecta | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Blissie Cervantes

Blissie Cervantes was a picture of a proud graduate as she went up the stage in her wheelchair to receive her college diploma. What’s more impressive, she was even awarded as a magna cum laude.

Diagnosed at 3 years old, Cervantes is suffering from Osteogenesis imperfecta, genetic bone disease that has hindered her from walking and growing normally. Her mother, Elsie had been her constant companion everyday at school to assist her with her needs.

The patient mother was very proud of her daughter’s achievement. She said in Visayan, “Super proud kaayo ko... sa iyang na-achieve karon.” [I am very proud of her achievement today.]

Blissie Cervantes graduated as magna cum laude
Blissie Cervantes graduated as magna cum laude | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Blissie Cervantes

Cervantes admitted that there really was no secret to her success other than perseverance and hard work. She shared that she followed her teachers, did her assignments, studied hard and passed her exams. She added that it was important to always remind yourself that you will gain something out of working hard.

The diligent student gave an inspiring speech during their graduation ceremony. Cervantes admitted that she “needed to kill the introvert me at that moment” but the speech earned a loud applause from her audience.

Cervantes shared a quote that she had held close to her heart:

“The most rewarding things in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done. To God be the Glory!”

Inspiring and persevering

Blissie Cervantes graduated from Holy Child College of Davao with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in Marketing Management.

She admitted that as of now she is looking forward to finding a new job or starting a business. The 22-year-old graduate said she already anticipates that job hunting would be a challenge.

She said in Visayan, "Nagaisip ko nga lisod kaayo para sa akoa kay syempre ubanon nko ako mama ako kuya,mao gyod na pirmi.” [I am still thinking on how I will go to all the hiring companies in downtown. It will be a challenge since I will have to bring my mother, my older brother all the time.]

But like the strong fighter that she is, Cervantes will surely find a way to prove that disability is not a hindrance.

Congratulations, Blissie!

— Sally, The Summit Express

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