Woman spends half of her annual salary to give her cat a kidney transplant

    A woman from Baltimore, USA decided to spend half of her annual income to help save her beloved pet cat.

    Betsy Boyd, a creative writing teacher at the Baltimore University spent a total of $19,000 or roughly P950,000 to give her pet cat, Stanley a new kidney. The 17-year-old feline was suffering from renal insufficiency that could end his life if the transplant will not be done.

    Betsy Boyd’s cat needed kidney transplant to save its life
    Betsy Boyd’s cat needed kidney transplant to save its life | Photo Courtesy: Files

    The 44-year-old woman admitted that she was saving the $19,000 for a new car but is happy with her decision. She said, “I’m smart with money. I’m very frugal. I drive a used car and wear clothing from consignment stores, and I have no debt at all. The message I’d like to get across is that if you save your money carefully, you can spend $19,000 on something that moves you.”

    Boyd revealed that her husband supports her decision even though they have a 3-year-old twin who might benefit from the money. Stanley has been a good friend to the family. She said, “He seems almost human to me.”

    “He’s a friend, and I believe that this friend wanted to live, so I paid for the surgery,” Boyd added.

    The cat lover admitted that the renal specialist at the University of Pennsylvania Ryan Veterinary Hospital in Philadelphia advised her to think twice in spending that much money for a cat’s medical procedure. But, the determined woman knew that Stanley wanted to live.

    “If he had seemed weak or frightened, I wouldn’t have pursued this,” Boyd said. “But, he never seemed daunted by all the vet visits, and there was something about his purr. I could feel his spirit really strongly.”

    Stanley celebrated her 18th birthday thanks to its new kidney
    Stanley celebrated her 18th birthday thanks to its new kidney | Photo Courtesy: Files

    As part of the deal, Boyd also had to adopt the kidney donor- Jay. She admits that among her 6 cats, Stanley was her favorite. The lucky feline celebrated his 18th birthday this month.

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    — Sally, The Summit Express
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