Woman suffers stroke for not moving for 20 hours while playing on her mobile phone

A woman from Guangzhou, China suffered a stroke after she used her phone for 20 hours straight.

A Chinese woman suffered stroke after excessive use of mobile phone
A Chinese woman suffered stroke after excessive use of mobile phone | Photo Courtesy: Files

The Chinese woman was on his way to Guangzhou from Henan. Inside the packed train, the carriages were so full of people that the woman barely moved from her seat. To beat the boredom in his long journey, she decided to turn her attention on her mobile phone.

When she got off at the station, the woman found herself gasping for air until she eventually fainted. The 40-year old woman was immediately rushed to Jinan University First Affiliated Hospital. The doctors found her showing symptoms of a stroke.

Dr Meng, the hospital's deputy director of neurology said that the patient suffered sudden confusion, slurred speech, and weakness on one side of the body.

What’s more, Dr Meng found numerous blood clots that caused a blockage on her left side of the brain. By then, the Chinese woman was already in critical condition and needed to undergo a 3-hour operation.

MRI scan revealed numerous blood clots
MRI scan revealed numerous blood clots |Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

Dr. Meng explained that the woman’s condition was because she turned her head to look at the mobile phone for prolonged period of time. This non-movement can compress the neck’s blood vessels, resulting to poor blood circulation and formation of blood clots.

The doctor urged the public to adopt good postures while using mobile phones and avoid use of gadgets for prolonged periods of time.

Woman becomes blind due to use of mobile phone

This isn’t the first time excessive use of gadgets resulted to bad health effects. Last year, a woman turned blind in one eye after playing a mobile game for one whole day. The doctors diagnosed her with retinal artery occlusion, a painless loss of monocular vision.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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