“We are a family of lawyers and killers!” Ateneo de Davao probes on parent’s threat to teacher

MANILA, Philippines - The Ateneo de Davao University took a stand against what they call as “parental bullying” made by a parent who threatened one of their teachers.

 “We are a family of lawyers and killers!” Ateneo de Davao probes on parent’s threat to teacher

In a statement made by ADDU President Fr. Joel Tabora, the University condemned the incident saying, “Parental bullying based on public office or on one's legal profession has no place at ADDU nor in any school, public or private, in the Philippines.”

Fr. Tabora didn’t mention the name of the parent but dropped hints that he is a lawyer and a public official.

Although the statement clarified that there was no gun involved, they described the threats hurled towards the personnel. It stated, “When a parent accompanied by relatives and body guards comes in brandishing statements like 'WE ARE A FAMILY OF LAWYERS AND KILLERS!' or 'WE CAN TAKE DOWN THIS SCHOOL' — these are statements the ADDU as a University can only take very seriously as they threaten the safety and security of its personnel.”

Fr. Tabora called for sanctions from the Philippine Bar for the parent. “Especially when said public official is also a member of the Philippine Bar where public displays of arrogant intimidation such as this one rightfully deserve sanctions as they run contrary to their Lawyer's Oath," Tabora said.

The University President strongly stated that they will not be intimidated and will be “taking the necessary steps and coordinating with the appropriate officials to ensure that complaints will be filed against said public official and lawyer.”

Over low grades?

The statement didn’t confirm that the conflict was due to “unfavorable grade.” But stated that complaints about grades are “all too common during this time of the year.”

The University clarified that there are existing procedures that a student can avail if they wish to be clarified about their grades. The statement wrote, “As a matter of policy, students are expected to present their side personally before said body, as it is part of the formative aspect of an Ateneo education to train them to be self-reliant and independent young adults.”

They discourage parental intervention on these kinds of scenarios because it may “only detract from the objective of teaching a child how to stand on his/her own two feet.”

The parent and the student involved in the incident have yet to issue their official statement.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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