VIRAL: Teen ‘skateboards’ on 2nd lane of EDSA, causes traffic collision

MANILA, Philippines - A teenager skateboarding along the busy road of EDSA, caused two cars to collide.

A Facebook post by Robert Chua has gone viral after netizens reacted negatively towards a teen who was skateboarding along EDSA Quezon Avenue near Mother Ignacia Quezon City, southbound. He couldn’t help but share his frustration and said, “Pasaway ka!!! Ok lang mag skateboard sa sidewalk pero huwag naman sa 2nd lane ng Edsa.”

Teen ‘skateboards’ on 2nd lane of EDSA, causes traffic collision
Teen skateboards along EDSA | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Robert Chua

Chua added that because of the teen’s action, it had caused a traffic collision on the area. Two cars tried to avoid hitting him and ending up colliding with each other.

He also added the hashtag #HindiplaygroundangEDSA to remind teenagers to not play around the busy roads.

The post has gone viral at 6,100 shares to date.

Netizens react

It is unclear how the incident ended but Chua commented that the teen offered to pay for damages. Netizens, however, had raise their fury over the inconsiderate behavior of some teens and called out for more traffic safety laws against skateboarding on public roads.

Quezon City, Manila and Makati have been the top 3 cities in Metro Manila that have the most number of recorded road crashes.

Quezon City ranked first in the most number of road crashes in 2015 with a total of 27,529 incidents, according to MMDA.

Skaters call for more skateparks

Although some people frown on the sport saying that it may pose danger to the skater and other pedestrians, the skateboarding scene in the Philippines has been growing ever since.

Their biggest parade was last 2016 for the Go Skateboarding Day to help celebrate the opening of Manila Skate Park. The groups called for a more responsible skating and more skateparks for them to enjoy.

June Taduran, organizer of Go Skateboarding Day in the Philippines, said their advocacy on safe riding has grown to include the local government. They hope that more LGUs would build skateparks for hundreds of skater across the nation.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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