VIDEO: Snatcher’s new modus inside jeepney

MANILA, Philippines - A snatcher was caught on video trying to open the bag of a sleeping passenger beside him. The attempt failed because concerned passengers woke the victim up.

VIDEO: Snatcher’s new modus inside jeepney
Snatcher caught on video | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Ghale Hornada

A Facebook post by Ghale Hornada has garnered the attention of netizens after he told the story of a snatching incident he witnessed. In a video, a man with a backpack was seen sitting beside a sleeping woman passenger. At first, nothing suspicious happens until you start to notice that the man had kept his hand underneath his bag. Then, he is actually trying to open the bag of a passenger beside him.

Hornada explained, “Bandang palar na po ay napansin ko na binubuksan niya yung bag ni ate eh ito naman si ate tulog kaya kayo wag matulog sa biyahe para aware kayo sa mga katabi ninyo.”

Hornada also added that he had already noticed the man already attempted to open the bag of the woman on his right side but failed. So, the snatcher proceeded with the sleeping passenger instead.

He revealed that he was so nervous but was glad that the other passengers also noticed and eventually stopped the snatcher. One passenger (the one on the snatcher’s right) alerted the sleeping victim by grabbing her bag away from the snatcher. Other passengers started to chime in that the man was attempting to open her bag. The snatcher immediately asked the driver to stop and he quickly got off.

Hornada said, “First time nangyari sa ‘kin to, iba pala yung feeling sa mga ganitong sitwasyon, di mo kasi alam kung anung merong dala si kuya. ‘yung tipong gusto munang suntukin pero nakakatakot pala talaga..tama naman pala talaga ‘yung mga taong nakakaranas makakita ng ganitong ganap, di mo pala talaga masabi na merong magnanakaw kasi sa sobrang takot baka kung anung meron si kuya at anu pa ang magawa niya.”

He also reminded other passengers to remain awake inside the jeep.

Snatcher’s modus

The National Capital Regional Police Office has released their top 10 Modus Operandi of the most common crimes in Metro Manila and other areas. Included in the list is the “Salisi Gang,” “Dugo Dugo Gang,” “Budol Budol Gang” and many others.

Last year, a group of woman snatchers was also caught on CCTV acting as shoppers. They were able to successfully open the bag of a woman shopper and steal her cellphone.

You can watch the viral video here:

— Sally, The Summit Express

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