Rachel Peters apologizes to Filipino fans: “I’m sorry, we didn’t make it”

    MANILA, Philippines - In a country where beauty pageants are taken very seriously, Filipinos felt disheartened when our very own Rachel Peters failed to make it to the Final 5 of the 2017 Miss Universe.

    Rachel Peters apologizes to Filipino fans: “I’m sorry we didn’t make it”
    Rachel Peters. Screengrab from Facebook video/Marv Rio Ramo
    But Rachel didn’t hesitate to even apologize for probably disappointing millions of her fans.

    A video by Marv Rio Ramo on Facebook captured the probably the very first interview Rachel gave about the event. Her reaction was of course, disheartening as she still tried to smile and wave to her Filipino supporters.

    HIGHLIGHTS: Rachel Peters during the Miss Universe Coronation Night

    Moments after the coronation of South Africa, Rachel spent some time entertaining her fans who lively cheered for her.

    She was asked for her message to her Filipinos. Rachel tried to answer but wasn’t able to finish her sentence. She apologized to her fans, “I’m sorry, we didn’t make it to the top but hmm..”

    She was further asked if she was happy with her performance, Rachel gave them her heartwarming smile and said, “Of course.”

    She also asked if she’s thankful for her fellow kababayans who lively cheered for her, Rachel smiled wider and said, “Yes, of course.”

    The Filipinos fans congratulated her and told her that they are proud of her. Truly, a queen with a humble heart.

    Here’s the video from Marv Rio Ramo via Facebook page.

    — Sally, The Summit Express

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