HIGHLIGHTS: Rachel Peters during the Miss Universe Coronation Night


MANILA - Many were left disappointed when our very own Rachel Peters wasn’t able to reach the top 5 of Miss Universe 2017. But as Steve Harvey described “the candidate with the most enthusiastic fans,” Rachel still put up a very good fight.

Miss Philippines Rachel Peters with host Steve Harvey.
Miss Philippines Rachel Peters with host Steve Harvey. Photo Credit: Instagram/Pageant Buzz PH

Here are some highlights of Rachel during the Miss Universe Coronation night:

1. Top 16 - During the top 16, everyone held their breaths when the Philippines was not called as part of the 4 countries from Asia group. There was a loud cheer when finally we became part of the 4 wild cards. Steve Harvey interviewed Rachel who admitted that she felt so nervous. When asked what does it mean to her that she is being supported by very enthusiastic fans, Rachel answered that “it means the Universe to me. I can hear their screams all the way from here.”

Rachel Peters Top 16
Rachel says that it means the universe to her to be supported by Filipinos. Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Pageant Fanatic PH

2. Backstage interview with host Ashley Graham

When the top 16 were being ushered off the stage, host Ashley was giving her spiel about the results. She was about to choose a candidate to interview, Rachel who last off the stage was chosen. She can also be seen shaking hands with some supporters. Rachel got candid and shared that she was so nervous when she wasn’t called as part of Asia group. She said, “I was wondering, oh my God, what is happening?” Earlier in the show, Ashley admitted that one of her favorites is Rachel.

3. Swimsuit competition and announcement of top 10

Rachel was all smiles and looked very fresh while giving a playful turn during the swimsuit competition. Everyone was cheering when Philippines was called to continue on top 10.

Rachel Peters Swimsuit competition
Rachel posing during the swimsuit competition. Photo Credit: Instagram/Pageant Buzz PH
Rachel Peters Swimsuit competition
Miss Philippines joins the top 10. Photo Credit: Instagram/Pageant Buzz PH

4. Evening Gown

Enthusiasts say that this is Rachel’s shining moment. Dressed in a silver long gown with intricate details and sparkly beadwork, Rachel looked stunning. The gown was made by Val Taguba who was also responsible for her previous long gown worn during the preliminaries.

Rachel Peters long gown
Photo Credit: Instagram/Pageant Buzz PH

Rachel Peters failed to reach the top 5 but social media is overflowing with love and support for her. Congratulations to Miss Universe 2017, Demi Leigh Nel Peters from South Africa!

You still make us proud, Rachel!

— Sally, The Summit Express

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