Top 5 Vice Ganda’s “qiqil mo c acquoeh” videos we can all relate with

Laughter has been known for having many benefits. Aside from the happiness we get, we also release stress and helps promote mental and physical health. It’s no wonder that Filipinos are known to be generally happy people. We like to laugh and we enjoy being with people who make us laugh. That’s probably why Vice Ganda is such a hit.

Top 5 Vice Ganda’s “qiqil mo c acquoeh” videos we can all relate with
Vice Ganda. Photo screengrab from ABS-CBN's Facebook video.
Vice Ganda has been known to set up trends that we, Pinoys, just couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing. The It’s Showtime host dances crazily on the noontime show and next thing you know, it becomes viral on social media. After a few days, others would start uploading their own versions on YouTube. Remember, how everyone started grooving “again” to an old 90’s pop song,”Whoops Kiri Whoops”? Or, when everyone started using Vice’s hit song “Boom Panes” as an expression of satisfaction over something? Let’s not forget how Vice also started the use of the now very popular phrase, “Huwag kang pabebe” to suggest that you should stop acting immaturely or being childish.

Now, Vice Ganda again started a new trend on It’s Showtime, where he rants about anything, everything and anyone. With his outstanding wit, his comical stint has had everyone laughing their heads off. Vice rants about seemingly common Pinoy problems and everyone just loves that they can relate to everything he says. These rants have been named “qiqil mo c acquoeh” or an overwhelming emotion over someone or something.

Here are top 5 Vice Ganda’s “qiqil mo c acquoeh” videos that trended on social media:

1. Vice Ganda's 'hugot message' for men

In this segment of “Tawag ng Tanghalan”, Vice Ganda exchanges series of tirade with Vhong Navarro about men who cheat. Vice rants, “Ang mga lalake feeling nila ang gu-guwapo nila at ang gagaling nila manloko.Hindi naman lahat ng babae ay naloko, ang iba ay pumayag lang sa ginagawa niyo kasi nga mahal kayo.”

Vice adds, “Hindi lahat ng loyal ay nags-stay at hindi rin porke’t nag-stay ay loyal.”

2. Vice Ganda rants about traffic and taxicabs

This video is clearly one of his fans’ favorites as it has more than 2.1 million views on YouTube already. Vice complains about the traffic system and rude attitude of some drivers. He shared that once he becomes a President, he will make certain changes. Vice proposes, “Kapag ako naging Presidente, “‘Yung mga traffic papalitan ko ang ilaw ng mga ‘yan. ‘Pag stop gagawin kong green tutal kahit stop naman ay gum-go pa rin kayo. ‘Yung go rin ay gagawin ko ng red dahil pag-go ay umi-istop naman kayo at pag-stop ay gumu-go naman kayo.”

Vice continues, “Yung orange naman ay kapag bakla lang ang tumatawid. Basta kapag nag-orange huminto kayong lahat kasi dadaan ang mga bakla. Kasi bakla na yung Presidente so mga bakla na yung mga nagha-hari.” Much to everyone’s delight, he even said he will change it to pink “kapag baklang-bakla.”

Vice also proposes to change the color of taxi cabs according to their common complaints.He rants about taxi drivers who refuse passengers because their destination is too far, saying “sasakay ba ako kung malapit?”

3. Vice Ganda discusses the different types of "Barkada"

This one also drew a lot of laughs especially from his younger or teenager fans. He goes on to describe the different types of “kabarkada” we have. He starts with those who are “drawing” or those friends who like to cancel plans on the last minute. He goes on explaining the type of friends who are “aso,” “magician,” “spoiled, “sabit,” and many others. This one is to relatable, you can even make you own checklist from your list of friends.

4. Vice Ganda rants about students

In this video, Vice took a swipe at all the annoying Pinoy students and even his experiences as a student. He complaints about students who come to school unprepared. He says, “Walang pambili ng papel pero may pang-dota.” Everyone joined Vice in laughter when he complained about female students who are, “walang dalang ballpen, pero may dalang lipstick.”

5. Vice talks about lovers' quarrels

Among all the rants of Vice Ganda, people seems to enjoy his “hugots” about love the most. This video had garnered more than a million views as he complains about “walang forever.”

He said, “Tandaan niyo walang permanente sa mundo. Ako nga dati lalake, ngayon bakla na.”

He also shared his complaints about common reasons for lover’s quarrel, “Yung mga babae, ang hilig makipag-away ng walang dahilan.”

These Vice Ganda rants are highly recommended to everyone who have had enough of all the depressing string of news every night. So, whether you want to blow off some steam after a long day or you want to share positivity with you friends, enjoy and share these videos!

-- Sally, The Summit Express

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