Looks familiar? Here’s a short list of Xander Ford’s lookalikes

MANILA, Philippines — After the grand reveal of Xander Ford’s new look on Rated K, netizens couldn’t help but talk about him. The hashtag #XanderFord even trended number 1 on Twitter Sunday night.

Looks familiar? Here’s a short list of Xander Ford’s lookalikes

Facebook is also flooded with all the photos of the “new and improved” version of Marlou Arizala. With Xander’s new “almost perfect” nose and chiseled jaw, fans couldn’t help but gush about how good looking he has become. Several Twitter users even called him as the “new oppa.”

And along with the photos, came several discussions on Xander Ford’s lookalikes. The local showbiz is fill of good looking and handsome young men, it was impossible to miss a Xander Ford lookalike.

First on our list is Erap’s son, Jake Ejercito. Jake certainly has to thank his genes for his good looks. Both of Jake’s parents, Erap and Laarni were popular screen actors during their time. Not only do Jake and Xander Ford have the same brush-up hair, they also share the same expressive eyes.

Xander Ford and Uno Emilio
Photos from Xander Ford and Uno Emilio Instagram accounts

Next, we have the hunky actor Jake Cuenca. Before you start complaining, this is Jake Cuenca circa 2009, way before the long hair and the abs.This one, you gotta give it to Xander’s doctor for doing a very good job with his nose.

Xander Ford and Jake Cuenca
Photos by Xander Ford’s Instagram account and Star Magic
Third on the list is former PBB housemate, Joseph Bitangcol. Joseph rose to popularity when he was a PBB housemate and a loveteam of Sandara Park. We can also thank Xander Ford’s cosmetic doctor, Dr Yap for that seemingly perfect jawline.

Xander Ford and Joseph Bitangcol
Photos by Star Image Facebook account and IMDb
Fourth is showbiz-newbie, Neil Murillo. The 18-year-old singer who hails from Cebu City is the first winner of Pinoy Boyband Superstar. He is now part of ABS-CBN’s BoybandPH. This one, we can thank Marlou’s facial shape including the forehead and the cheekbones.

Xander Ford and Neil Murillo

Now, rumors have been stirring that James Reid was the inspiration behind Xander Ford’s good looks. If we take a closer look, the hair and the nose are on point, even the facial shape is quite similar. The lips, however, are obviously a James Reid’s trademark.

Xander Ford and James Reid

Xander Ford and James Reid

Now, as they always say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” so if you agree or disagree, we can always have the discussion on the comment section. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

-- Sally, The Summit Express

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