WATCH: Move over Marlou, Rated K finally reveals Xander Ford!

If you have no idea who Marlou Arizala is, you must be living under a rock. He is the much talked about former Hasht5 member, who gained popularity because of his looks. He was dubbed by Vice Ganda as the “Pambansang Pinipig” due to his pimple marks. But don’t underestimate Marlou because he once had a showdown with Enrique Gil to serenade Liza Soberano and even became close friends with some of the hottest Kapamilya teen stars.

Move over Marlou, Rated K finally reveals Xander Ford!
Meet the new oppa, Xander Ford!
It can also be recalled that he once an endorser for the Flawless Medical Clinic’s Anti-bullying campaign. There, he shared how poverty took over his childhood and how bullying had affected him. For some time, we haven’t heard him until he posted an update on his Facebook page stating that “Marlou Ariza is dead” and that Xander Ford will soon replace him. Netizens couldn’t help but be curious as photos of Marlou seemingly preparing for a procedure emerged online.

Looks familiar? Here’s a short list of Xander Ford’s lookalikes

Finally, he shared on Rated K that he is going for the big haul and will undergo plastic surgery.

“Oo dito ako nakilala pero may pangarap ako. Pangarap ko yun nga, yung magbago ako. Kasi lahat naman ng tao nagbabago eh.” He added, “Lahat yung kulay ko, hairstyle, pananamit kung ano man yung nakita niyo ngayon lahat yun magbabago.”

His plastic surgeon, Dr. Samuel Eric C. Yapjuangco of The Icon Clinic explained that Marlou underwent nose and chin implant. Several photos have emerged from Ethel Booba’s Charotism Facebook page allegedly is the look new Xander Ford. Marlou neither confirmed nor denied the photos online.

And finally, after much ado, Rated K reveals the new look of Marlou Arizala, now known as Xander Ford.

While waiting for the final reveal of Xander Ford, several fans expressed their anticipation on their “new crush.”

One fan shared, “Feeling ko magiging guwapong-gwapo na po talaga siya parang si Justin Bieber.”

Another one excitedly shared, “Mas magiging mas Oppa po siya sa ibang mga Oppa.”

Xander walked on the stage like a true heartthrob thronged by screaming fans. His parents were also there and they were in tears upon seeing the transformation.

Xander shared, “Natupad na po ang pangarap ko na mabago ang sarili ko.” His fondly shared a message to all the bashers who bullied him before, “Who you kayo sa’kin.” But Marlou went serious when he shared his future plans of really focusing and pursuing being a TV personality to help his parents.

His mother couldn’t contain her emotion as she hugged his son saying that she terribly misses him. She admits that they weren’t able to see each other for a month but is thankful that his operation went well. His father also says in jest, “’Yung dating kamukha ko ay wala na.”

Whatever the future holds for the new Xander Ford, he shares that he is just overwhelmed with happiness at being able to finally reached his dream of being a handsome head turner.

Watch Rated K’s big reveal on Marlou’s transformation here:

-- Sally, The Summit Express

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