100,000 Filipino nurses wanted in UK, UAE

MANILA, Philippines - Recruiters from the United Kingdom (UK) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have recently announced that they are in need of at least 100,000 Filipino registered nurses to fill the increasing demand for health care workers in their countries.

Both countries prefer Filipino nurses because of their skills, attitude and values when it comes to work.

100,000 Filipino nurses wanted in UK, UAE
Vacancies in UK due to Brexit

In the United Kingdom, there are about 80,000 vacancies for registered nurses as a result of the Brexit. Many of their nurses are either retiring or returning back to their home countries, according to Kings Commercial recruitment chief Matthew Richards.

Richards disclosed that one-third of their nursing population will be retiring or leaving the occupation in the next 15 years. However, they find it difficult to entice people into the nursing profession because of political influences such as Brexit.

He added that most British hospitals opt to hire Filipino workers because of their talent in tending to patients.

“Nurses in the Philippines have a general caring nature, provide a high level of empathy and compassion towards patients,” Richards explained.

Nurses in the UK earn about P110,000 monthly. Employers usually shoulder flights to the UK, accommodation and meal vouchers. Pinoy nurses also get 27-day leaves to travel back to the Philippines or visit other countries.

In addition, registered nurses in the UK can bring their families with them and have access to free health care and education provided that they can show evidence that he or she can support the family.

Interested applicants must take English language proficiency tests and practical examinations. Moreover, they need to adjust to the British nursing culture, which is evidence-based nursing.

Growing healthcare market in UAE

Meanwhile, at least 20,000 registered nurses will be hired in Dubai alone as the emirate intends to open 15 more hospitals in the next three years.

Human Resource Director Vijaya Sen told ABS-CBN News:“Filipino nurses have the required skills, they are very good in com.”munication. It is an inherent quality to be courteous and caregiving comes naturally to them.”

Nurses in Dubai have a starting salary of P100,000 monthly, which is tax-free. Some established hospitals offer free accommodation as well as guaranteed salary increments every two years. Migrant workers are give 30-day annual leave, sick leaves, and overtime pay.

She added: “Filipino nurses wont have a hard time adjusting in the AUE because language is not difficult to know. The language that is commonly used is English. The country embraces all faiths and religions.”

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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