Alleged second family of Pia Wurtzbach’s father refute her MMK story

MANILA, Philippines - The alleged partner and son of Pia Wurtzbach’s deceased and estranged father Klaus Uwe have expressed their negative reactions to the recently aired episode of “Maalala Mo Kaya” (MMK) featuring the beauty queen’s life story.

Alleged second family of Pia Wurtzbach’s father refute her MMK story

Pia, who shared her struggles before being crowned Miss Universe 2015, was accused of twisting her own life story.

In the MMK episode titled “Korona,” it was revealed that Pia’s father cheated on his mother on several instances, many of which Pia witnessed. Although Pia and her dad were the best of friends, Klause Uwe eventually abandoned them and lived with another woman when Pia was just 9 years old.

For years, Klaus Uwe didn’t make an effort to communicate or give support to Pia and her sister. As a result, Pia became the breadwinner of their family during her preteen years.

Towards the end of his life, Klause Uwe contacted Pia after learning that the latter became a runner-up at the 2014 Binibining Pilipinas pageant. Based on Pia’s version of the story, her father’s second wife cut their phone conversation and asked for money for her dad’s medical expenses, who was already suffering from a heart disease at that time.

A certain Robie Asingua, who claims to be the second wife of Pia’s father, took to Facebook to air her reaction to the said MMK episode. Robie refuted Pia’s claim that her father asked for money from her and accused Pia’s mother of having an affair with a neighbor named Jojo leading to her separation with her former husband.

“What a hell are you doing Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, making a false story oh yeah you are a big liar your papa never ask money from you, shame to yourself...Your mama got an affair with neighbor name Jojo, that's why papa abandoned your mother and you pretty wow know that all,” Robie wrote.

Meanwhile, Alexander Wurtzbach, the alleged stepbrother of Pia, also echoed the same sentiments on his Facebook page.

“Sa lahat lahat ayaw ko yung sisiraan mo ang patay na.wala ng kinalaman yun eh. Karmahin sana kayo parang walang pinagaralan. Wag mung dadalahin ang apelyedo na yan kung alam mo ganyan ugali ng tatay mo. Kala ko ba babaero sya at wala sya kwenta bakit mahal mo parin sya. your a freeking liar dont use my father's surname if you don't like him you'r a millionaire now so change it! Don't say your money will help are a liar!!!

A self-confessed daddy’s girl, Pia earlier admitted that she regretted not being able to take home the crown when her father was still alive.

“I was a daddy’s girl. I wish I had more time with him (her German father, Uwe Wurtzbach, passed away two years ago). Although there was always a way to talk to him, it wasn’t easy to do, because he already had another family,” Pia told Inquirer.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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