VIDEO: Maute group defiles religious images and torch them to ash

    MANILA, Philippines - It has been almost 2 weeks since the ISIS-inspired Maute rebel group has invaded and besieged Marawi City where hundreds of lives have already lost and major establishments and landmarks have also been burned down to ashes. Even religious edifices were also torched by the bandits to display their power.

    Maute group defiles religious images and torch them to ash
    Screenshots from President Duterte Trending News Facebook page
    A video taken by the lawless criminals who overpowered Marawi themselves has been leaked and now circulating online where statues of Saints, image of Mother Mary and even the Crucified Jesus Christ were unmounted, hammered, stomped and totally profaned.

    The defilers look like the youth fighters of the terrorist group. At the last part of the video, the videographer uttered “meron akong lighter” that signaled his comrades to light up everything.

    Watch video here.

    It is still unverified if the church that the Maute fighters have desecrated on the video is where Fr. Sito Suganog and his parishioners were abducted.

    Early last week, Fr. Suganog appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte to order his troops to backoff in exchange for the hostages lives. But Digong informed the terrorists that he will never negotiate with them even though they kill all of their hostages.

    The Commander-in-chief after declaring Martial Law in the entire island of Mindanao, has also announced a total war against the ISIS-inspired gang and mandated the Armed Forces to annihilate them all. Digong also warned the outlaws that he will use his 10 new fighter jets to pulverize them.

    The AFP is still uncertain of the status of Fr. Suganog and his parishioners after his video was posted online.

    The CBCP highly condemned the Maute Group’s barbaric action towards their Christians and Muslims victims since the Marawi siege has erupted.

    --Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express
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