How rice can make you lose weight?

    No need to turn down that extra rice if you’re planning to lose extra weight.

    Eating rice has long been the culprit to weight gain but several fitness experts believe it could also be used to achieve the body you’ve only been dreaming of. But before you go to the nearest restaurant offering unlimited rice meals, get to know first how you can use it to effectively lose weight.

    How rice can make you lose weight

    Of course, you’re not going to add another cup of rice to your diet. You’re actually going to use uncooked rice for your weight training. Instead of doing Zumba, crossfit or yoga, you can try rice workout!

    You can replace dumbbells and kettlebell with rice as weights in your daily workout. Ladies may opt to lift 2kg of rice during exercise, while men may carry 3kg or more.

    All workout routines that utilize kettlebell can be done use rice weights. You can even do workout moves while sitting or lying as well as do crunches and abs routine using these weights. Just make sure that you are securely holding the bags of rice so that it wouldn’t slip off your hand while exercising.

    If you do rice weights workout on a regular basis, it can also serve as your cardio training.

    Rice workout allows you to exercise and lose weight without the need to go to a gym as you can do it at the comfort of your home. Aside from the fact that it helps you save money, you can safely do the workout with members of your family.

    A study carried out by researchers at the Harvard University discovered that the risk of type 2 diabetes increases by 10% with the consumption of white rice, a food staple in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. Scientists suggest to replace 20% of your white rice with brown rice to decrease the risk of diabetes by 16%.

    --Mini, The Summit Express

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