WATCH: Spine-chilling story of Lucia Joaquin terrifies netizens


Have you ever found yourself waking up in the wee hours of the night for no apparent reason?

If you have been in such situation before, then the story of Lucia Joaquin will send the chills down your spine. The hair-raising story, which recently gained online fame after it circulated on social media, has sent netizens buzzing.

Spine-chilling story of Lucia Joaquin terrifies netizens

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Lucia Joaquin
In the story, a certain Enzo Cruz woke up at around 3 in the morning to take a pee. When he returned to bed, he found himself having difficulty going back to sleep. He then decided to turn off the light thinking that it could help him get his much needed slumber.

However, this strategy didn’t seem to work. Soon, Enzo found himself using Facebook to get himself to fall asleep. But the unexpected turn of events would give him sleepless nights probably for the rest of his life.

While using Facebook, Enzo suddenly encountered a certain Lucia Joaquin on Messenger. Initially, the conversation seemed usual.

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kuya, Pwede po 'bang Makipag-usap?
ENZO CRUZ: Ha? Tungkol saan?
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kahit na Ano po. Wala po kasi 'kong
Makausap. Nalulungkot po ako.
ENZO CRUZ: Ganun ba? Bihira lang kasi 'ko Makahanap ng
Kausap sa mga Oras na 'to. Karamihan sa mga Friends 'ko,
Tulog pa.

As it progressed, Enzo noticed there was something odd about Lucia…

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Bakit po kayo, Gising na?
ENZO CRUZ: Actually, Nagising lang ako. Nagpapa Antok lang
Ulit Ako, Kaya napa Facebook lang.
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Hindi kaya Kuya kaya ka Nagising dahil may
Gumising sa'yo?
ENZO CRUZ: Ha? What do you mean Ate?
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Wala po kuya. Nga pala Kuya ang Pogi
mo. 'Nung Nakita nga kita, Nagkagusto Ako agad sa'yo eh.
ENZO CRUZ: Ha? Nakita Saan?
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Dito sa mga Pictures mo. Tinitingnan ko
kaya ngayon.

as well as her Facebook page.

ENZO CRUZ: Bakit Walang Laman ang Timeline mo?
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kakagawa 'ko lang po kasi ng Facebook 'ko eh.
ENZO CRUZ: Tapos yung Profile pic mo, Ang Dilim ng Picture?
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Madilim po kasi dito sa Kuwarto eh.
ENZO CRUZ: Wala bang Flash ang Camera ng Cellphone mo?
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Meron naman po.
ENZO CRUZ: Gamitin mo para Malinaw ang Picture.

Next thing he knew, Lucia was already asking for a photo with him.

LUCIA JOAQUIN: Sige po. Nga pala Kuya Gawin kitang Close
Friends Dito sa Facebook 'ha?!
ENZO CRUZ: Sure. Sige.
LUCIA JOAQUIN: At Dahil, Close Friend na kita,Dapat Magkaron
Tayo ng Litraro na magkasama tayo.
ENZO CRUZ: O Sige Payag, Kapag Magkita tayo, Pa-Picture
tayong Dalawa.

Suddenly, Enzo found his other cellphone phone vibrating and flashing for no apparent reason.

“Kinuha ko 'to para tingnan. Ganon na lang ang gulat ko ng mag flash 'to ng pagka-unlock ko. Nakakapagtaka rin kung bakit nag-vibrate bigla, wala namang nag-text o misscall sa akin.”

Towards the end of the conversation, Enzo asked Lucia for a clearer photo since he wanted her to guess how old she was. But to his surprise, Enzo got more than what he bargained for when he saw Lucia’s profile photo.

ENZO CRUZ: Mahirap Hulaan eh. Ang Dilim kasi ng Kuha mo
Dito sa Profile Picture mo.
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Gano'n ba. O sige Kuya Sandali At
Maglalagay lang Ako ulit ng Bagong Picture.
ENZO CRUZ: Oh, Sige.
LUCIA JOAQUIN: O, Ayan Kuya, Nakalagay na ako ng Bago,
Check mo nga.
ENZO CRUZ: Sige Tingnan 'ko sa Account mo.
Nang Pumunta Ako sa Timeline ni Lucia ay ganon na lang ang Pag
Tindig ng Aking mga Balahibo, Matapos Makita ang
Bago niyang Upload na Litrato. Sa Litrato ay Nakahiga siyangNakangiti sa Tabi ‘ko

Check out the full story below.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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