Gorgeous Uber driver speeds up heart rates of netizens

Traffic in Metro Manila will certainly get the best of you, but getting stuck in it with this gorgeous Uber driver is probably worth the ride.

If you have been one of Joyce “JT” Tadeo’s passengers, then your heart rate must have gone “fast and furious.” Dubbed as one of Manila’s most gorgeous Uber drivers, JT is certainly more than just a pretty face that you’ll see on the road.

JT Tadeo Uber driver
PHOTO CREDIT: Fhm.com.ph
So what drove a gorgeous lady like JT to get behind the wheels and become a full-time Uber driver?

A graduate of B.S. Psychology, JT used to work as a medical representative for a pharmaceutical company. Due to the pressures of her job, JT opted to quit and look for an alternative mode of earning. Thanks to a guy friend who happens to be an Uber driver, JT discovered that getting behind the wheels was a viable option.

In her interview with FHM, JT revealed: “I’m a risk taker. I’m always up for something unusual.”

“And when I saw his earnings, that’s what motivated me the most,” she added.

In October 2016, JT joined Uber. Her regular routes include Makati, Bonifacio Global City as well as Ortigas.

Driving on the road

Needless to say, JT earned the admiration of her passengers and has gotten used to receiving compliments. In fact, many of them would take selfies and post her Uber details on social media.

“Most of my passengers are really surprised whenever they book me as their driver. I often get compliments and I really appreciate them. Others even ask for selfies and post my Uber details on social media. Since then, I've gotten used to it. I enjoy the feeling of being liked.”

JT Tadeo Uber driver
PHOTO CREDIT: Fhm.com.ph
With lots of assault happening on the city, JT equips herself with the right stuff in case her passenger turns out to be crazy.

“I always have my rosary and pepper spray for protection beside me,” JT revealed.

If you happen to book her in one your Uber rides, don’t hesitate to start a conversation with JT. We’ll assure you that it’s a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of life in the city.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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