Consuming garlic makes men “smell more attractive to ladies”

Planning to spray that expensive cologne to win the girl of your dreams?

Here’s a dating tip for men: Garlic, considered as one of the stinkiest food in the planet by many people, can help you get more success with the ladies. In fact, a 2015 study proved that eating garlic actually makes you smell more attractive to ladies.

Consuming garlic makes men “smell more attractive to ladies”

Based on the findings of researchers from the University of Stirling in Scotland and Charles University in Czech Republic, the sweat of men who consume more garlic were found to captivate women.

To arrive at this conclusion, researchers asked 42 men in rotation to consume raw garlic, garlic capsules and no garlic. They then instructed them to wear pads in their armpits for 12 hours to collect body odor.

Afterwards, 82 women were asked to smell the odor samples and judge them based on attractiveness, masculinity, pleasantness and intensity.

Interestingly, results showed that men who ate garlic in bulb and capsule form were perceived to "significantly more attractive and less intense.”

Researchers believe that this peculiar preference was developed by ladies because the smell of garlic, a highly nutritious food which has antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal properties, suggests that the person is healthy.

It is also possible that garlic, which helps reduce the incidence of colds, high blood pressure and even cancer, makes the armpits smell sweeter by decreasing the density of microbes causing nasty odors.

“As the health benefits of garlic consumption include antioxidant, immune-stimulant, cardiovascular, bactericidal, and anti-carcinogenic (anti-cancer) effects, it is plausible that human odour preferences have been similarly shaped by sexual selection,” the researchers concluded.

Studies in the past have shown that eating of garlic can influence the odor of human breast milk. Consuming garlic increases the time infants spend on their mother’s breast and causes them to feed more forcefully.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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