Man whose brothers died from liver cancer diagnosed with the same disease

MANILA, Philippines - In a cruel twist of fate, liver cancer has taken the lives of Hisham “Moi” Go’s two brothers Rowden and Hasset. Years after his siblings’ untimely passing, Moi is facing the very same ordeal his brothers failed to overcome.

Hisham “Moi” Go Pangcoga’s two brothers Rowden and Hasset

Moi, a 27-year-old man who works in a financial firm, was diagnosed with the same liver cancer his brothers suffered from last February. Despite undergoing regular blood screening and MRI to monitor his liver as well as taking maintenance medicine that roughly costs about P400 a day, Moi seemed to have suffered the same fate.

UPDATE: The last Go brother diagnosed with cancer passes away

“Doctors found a 3cm in diameter tumor in my liver, as well as several nodules spreading around it. It is the same liver cancer my brothers suffered,” Moi wrote in his GoFundMe page.

Hisham “Moi” Go Pangcoga
As a short term solution for his tumor, doctors suggested that he either go through surgery, RFA or TACE which will cost about P150,000 to 200,00 per session. Moi has to undergo about two to four sessions in a year depending on how aggressive his cancer is.

Eventually, Moi needs to undergo liver transplant which cost about P5,000,000 at the Philippine General Hospital.

Although Moi and his family faced a lot of trials during the past years, he remains positive that he will overcome the disease that took away his brothers’ lives.

Hisham “Moi” Go Pangcoga family
“I am very positive that I will defeat this little devil by staying faithful to my Lord and God, Jesus Christ. I also have no shortage of encouragement from people I hold dear. I'm keeping an open mind in terms of medication and what approach to take in treating this,” Moi said.

In May 2014, Rowden, 29, was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer and was only given three weeks to live. Since he didn’t experience any symptom weeks prior to the diagnosis, their family was caught off guard. Still, Rowden managed to fulfil his promise and marry his fiancé in the hospital. Merely 10 hours after they said their “I do’s”, Rowden passed away.

Rowden passed, Hisham “Moi” Go Pangcoga brother
PHOTO CREDIT: YouTube/Hasset Go
A video of the heartbreaking moment went viral on social media.

A month following Rowden’s passing, his family decided to undergo tests to screen for possible cancer or blood defect. Hasset, who was a 29-year-old chef at that time, was also found to have the same type of liver cancer. Although he went through surgery to have the tumor removed in his liver, it recurred prompting him to try alternative medication and eventually chemotherapy. But in October 2015, Hasset, just like Rowden, succumbed to cancer.

Hasset died cancer
PHOTO CREDIT: Entrepreneur PH
Currently, Moi has already raised over $17,000 in just one month. However, it’s still a long way from the $150,000 goal. If you wish to donate and help Moi, visit his GoFundMe page.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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