5 Infamous Feuds Involving Baron Geisler

Equally known for his innate talent and emotional volatility, Baron Geisler has been involved in a number of feuds and controversies in the past years. The former matinee idol’s long battle against alcohol dependence has had his name dragged into several altercations with showbiz and non-showbiz personalities.

5 Infamous Feuds Involving Baron Geisler

Despite his history of rude behavior, the award-winning actor remained bankable in the show business and the indie film industry because of his unique brand of acting. Although Geisler vowed to change his ways, his recent altercation with character actor Ping Medina has got people thinking if the troubled actor really deserves a place in the industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the most infamous feuds involving the new bad boy in showbiz.

1. Baron Geisler vs Patrizha Maree Martinez

In 2013, Geisler was found guilty of the charge act of lasciviousness filed by Patrizha Maree Martinez, the daughter of actors William Martinez and Yayo Aguila. Geisler was sentenced to a minimum of six months to maximum of two years in prison for touching the br*asts of Martinez at a party at the Fiamma Bar in Makati City back in April 26, 2008. Geisler appealed the decision.

2. Baron Geisler vs Yasmien Kurdi

Kapuso actress Yasmien Kurdi filed two counts of acts of lasciviousness and one count of unjust vexation against Geisler in 2009 after the actor reportedly touched and m*sturbated in front of his co-star. In addition, Geisler allegedly peeped on Kurdi while the actress was going up on a spiral staircase. But in 2011, the actress decided to withdraw the cases against Geisler after the actor issued a public apology.

3. Baron Geisler vs UP Student

Early this year, a video of Geisler assaulting student filmmakers of the University of the Philippines quickly went viral after it was shared on social media. Geisler was caught on camera cursing and getting physical with members of a production team after the students reportedly failed to give the actor the script ahead of time. Khalil Versoza, the student who shared the viral video, eventually deleted the video following a reconciliation with Geisler.

4. Baron Geisler vs Kiko Matos

Shortly after Geisler’s meltdown in front of the UP students, the actor once again got embroiled in a controversy after indie actor Kiko Matos suddenly punched him during an altercation at a bar in Quezon City. Following the incident, the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) invited the two actors to settle their rift “inside the cage.” Their much-publicized feud eventually ended in a unanimous draw.

5. Baron Geisler vs Ping Medina

In his viral Facebook post, Geisler’s co-actor Ping Medina accused him of pissing on him while they were shooting a scene for the independent film Bubog. But instead of hurting the supposed drunk Geisler, Medina ended up with a broken right hand after punching a metal cargo container out of anger. Meanwhile, Geisler claimed that director Arlyn dela Cruz gave him the permission to do it. However, dela Cruz denied Geisler’s claims and immediately removed the actor from the film.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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