IN PHOTOS: This is how millennials stage an anti-Marcos burial protest


MANILA, Philippines - Despite their reputation as selfish, narcissistic and entitled brats, millennials have decided to take a stand on an issue that has started years before some of them were born.

Instead of spending their one-day holiday binge-watching on Netflix, the generation born between the 80’s and early 2000’s dominated the streets in protest of the surprise burial of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. at the Libingan ng mga Bayani during the November 30 rally.

But how did the most misunderstood generation become the forefront of the rally in EDSA?

Using wit and creativity, the young protesters carried protest placards and signposts showing statements, catchphrases and lingo clearly reflecting their generation. From famous hugot lines to referencing their favorite films and TV shows, members of the generation Y certainly made a statement during the rally.

Millennials clearly know their priorities

Millennials clearly know their priorities

and how to use their enriched vocabulary.

millennials stage an anti-Marcos burial protest

sandro millennials stage an anti-Marcos burial protest

They absolutely know how to reference their favorite books and films to get their message across.

Even during protest, millennials used their love-hate relationship with food to make a statement.

no to marcos protest

no to marcos protest

And when they were asked to move on, the hugot-generation knew what to preach…

no to marcos protest ex

no to marcos protest placard

As for troubled star Baron Geisler, who also happens to be a millennial, here’s a tip from people of your generation.

no to marcos protest baron

--Mini, The Summit Express

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