VIDEO: Grandma trips, accidentally drops baby 30 feet down the side of an escalator

    A horrifying CCTV footage of a tragic incident involving a four-month-old baby and a grandmother who tripped on an escalator is making rounds in the Internet.

    Grandma trips, accidentally drops baby 30 feet down the side of an escalator
    Shocking footage shows how the infant fell 30 feet down to his death after his grandmother accidentally dropped him in an escalator. Photo Credit: CCTV News
    According to reports, the old lady accidentally dropped her grandson 30 feet down the side of an escalator after losing her footing. Apparently, she was holding her grandson in her arms as she stepped into the moving staircase. However, she suddenly lost her balance, stumbled forward and slipped to the side against the handrail causing her to lose her one-armed grip on her grandson.

    Despite the elderly woman’s desperate attempt to save the baby, her grandson fell 30 feet down to his death.

    The video also shows another woman and a young girl, believed to be the baby’s mother and sister, visibly panicked and rushing to the side. Towards the end of the video, the mother was seen running down the escalator to her son’s aid.

    The infant was allegedly rushed to hospital but died hours after the accident, which took place in Wu Yue plaza department store in the Qingpu district of Shanghai.

    While many offered their condolences to the family, other social media users warned about the dangers of using escalators without baby carriers.

    “They should use a proper baby carrier instead of bare hands,” one netizen commented.

    In 2015, a series of devastating escalator accidents happened in several places in China.

    In July, a Chinese mother miraculously saved her son before falling to her death in a mall escalator that suddenly collapsed. The 31-year-old woman identified as Xiang Liujuan managed to push her son forward before a metal panel collapsed under her feet.

    Several months later, a four-year-old toddler’s life was cut short after his arms got stuck in an escalator handrail at a metro station in Chongqing municipality in China. It was reported that the boy was left unattended when the incident happened.

    --Mini, The Summit Express

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