IN PHOTOS: Netizens share spectacular view of Supermoon

    MANILA, Philippines - Filipinos on Monday, November 14, have enjoyed the spectacular view of the Supermoon, the closest approach to Earth in 68 years!

    supermoon November 14, 2016
    Amazing view of #supermoon. Photo Credit: Fortrust Philippines
    The moon has reached perigee – moon’s closest point as it orbits Earth - at 07:21 PM (PST) almost 2 hours 31 minutes before going Full Moon at 09:52 PM (PST).

    This will be the closest perigee since the January 26, 1948 and the moon won’t be seen this close to Earth again until November 26, 2034.

    This means we’ll be seeing a closer and larger apparent diameter moon this year – a supermoon!

    A supermoon is actually a modern astrological term coined by Richard Nole and defined it as “a new or full moon that occurs when the moon is within 90% of its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit”.

    In astronomy, it is called as Perigee Full Moon – a full moon that is closer to Earth than average. According to NASA, a supermoon or perigee full moon can be as much as 14% bigger and 30% brighter than an apogee full moon. However, a 30% difference in brightness can easily be masked by clouds or the competing glare of urban lights.

    Here are some of the photos of #Supermoon as shared by netizens:

    supermoon November 14, 2016
    Photo Credit: Twitter/jonathanoreos 
    supermoon November 14, 2016
    Supermoon view from South Triangle. Photo Credit: Kat Dela Cruz , Twitter/dckatrina

    supermoon November 14, 2016
    The supermoon from the Pinoy Big Brother house. Photo Credit: Twitter/PBB
    supermoon November 14, 2016
    The #Supermoon appears to be lighting up the cross of the Church of Gesu, AdMU. Photo Credit: Twitter/Christmas Sison
    supermoon November 14, 2016
    Supermoon view from Quirino Grandstand, Manila. Photo Credit: Twitter/Raya Capulong

    Do you have a #supermoon photo to share? Tell us in the comment section below.

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