Pacquiao vs Vargas Undercard Results: Donaire loses title to Magdaleno

MANILA, Philippines - After 12 rounds of intense boxing action, Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire has fallen in the hands of undefeated Jessie Magdaleno and handed him the WBO Jr. Featherweight title on November 5, 2016 (November 6 Manila time) at the Thomas and Mack Center in LAs Vegas, Nevada USA.

Pacquiao vs Vargas Undercard Results: Donaire loses title to Magdaleno
Donaire has fallen. Photo Credit: TR Boxing
In the first round of the fight, both fighters had sized up each other, throwing less punches until the bell rang.

After gauging each each other’s strength, the younger Jessie Magdaleno was in his attack mode and started to hit Donaire with short but hard body shots. Nonito Donaire on the other hand kept his guards up to protect himself from Jessie Magdaleno’s power right punches.

Donaire countered with short left hooks which connects to his nemesis’ head as he closed the 2nd round.

If Magdaleno started the 2nd, Donaire did the same in the opening of the 3rd round. During the training camp, Magdaleno revealed that he will go for Donaire’s body and that strategy will be the key for his victory. Magdaleno stuck to the game plan right from the very start and continued it on the third until the end of the bout.

The Filipino Flash inadvertently headbutt the Mexican while he was thrusting forward together with a straight that resulted to a non-call from Referee tony Weeks. With that misfortune, Magdaleno’s left eyebrow got cut and opened up. Heavy blood flow continued as the young Mexican headed to his corner after round number four.

Nice exchanges of blow from both fighters as they started the 5th until the 8th. Magdaleno threw innumerable body blows and combined it with short hooks and straights. In round 9, Magdaleno cornered Donaire and went for the kill. However, Donaire’s defense was stone-walled and helped him survived that round.

Donaire knew that barrage of punches from Magdaleno caught the attention of the judges. To atone his flaw, he retaliated and gave Jessie a solid straight to the chin. Magdaleno grabbed the rope to avoid a potential knockdown. He felt Nonito’s power and wobbly back pedalled. Just like Donaire, Magdaleno escaped the 10th round.

Jessie Magdaleno knew he was winning the rounds while Nonito Donaire sensed that he needs to knockout his opponent to retain his title. He was throwing good hard punches but also missed plenty of swings.

In round 11, Donaire saw an opportunity as he pinged Magdaleno on the ropes. But the younger boxer evaded Donaire until the final bell sounded.

The 3 judges unanimously gave the victory to Jessie Magdaleno and Nonito Donaire amicably handed the title belt to him.

Magdaleno preserves his immaculate record of 24-0 and now the WBO Jr. Featherweight Champion of the World.

--Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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