Pacquiao vs Vargas Fight Results, Undercard Live Updates, Highlights

    MANILA, Philippines - The People's Champ Manny Pacquiao is set to conquer the boxing ring once again against Jessie "Ruthless" Vargas. Billed as "The Legend vs. The Champ," it is a boxing match for the WBO world welterweight championship happening today, November 5, 2016 (Sunday in Manila time) at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Pacquiao vs Vargas Fight Results
    Photo Credit: ABS-CBN News
    Pacquiao (58-6-2, 38 KO) headlines the night in a challenge against titleholder Vargas (27-1, 10 KO) in a 12-round main event. The 37-year-old Pacquiao last fought in April, defeating Timothy Bradley Jr, while Vargas is coming off of a dominant win in March over Sadam Ali.

    Tale of the Tape Pacquiao vs. Vargas
    Pacquiao vs. Vargas Tale of the Tape. Photo Credit: Box Nation

    Meanwhile, the undercard will feature three more WBO world title fights. At flyweight, Shiming Zou (8-1, 2 KO) takes on Prasitsak Phaprom (39-1-2, 24 KO) for the vacant title. At super bantamweight, Nonito Donaire (37-3, 24 KO) defends against unbeaten but untested Jessie Magdaleno (23-0, 17 KO). And at featherweight, young Oscar Valdez (20-0, 18 KO) makes a defense against Hiroshige Osawa (30-3-4, 19 KO).

    Here are the Fight Summary and Results:
    • Manny Pacquiao vs. Jessie Vargas WBO Welterweight bout: Manny Pacquiao claims title!
    • Oscar Valdez vs. Hiroshige Osawa WBO Featherweight bout: Oscar Valdez wins!
    • Nonito Donaire vs. Jessie Magdaleno WBO Super Bantamweight bout: Magdaleno wins!
    • Zou Shiming vs. Prasitsak Phaprom WBO Flyweight bout: Zhou Shiming wins!

    Nonito Donaire vs. Jessie Magdaleno WBO Super Bantamweight Undercard Highlights (Round by Round Update)

    • Nonito Donaire vs Undefeated Jessie Magdaleno Fight up next
    • Contender Jessie Magdaleno enters the arena
    • WBO Jr Featherweight Champion Nonito “The Filipino Flash” climbs up the ring sporting his green trunks
    • Legendary ring announcer Michael Buffer presents the protagonists
    • Referee Tony Weeks with his final instructions before the bell rings
    • Both fighters are sizing-up each other
    • 1st round ends up in warm-up for both Donaire and Magdaleno
    • Magdaleno starts to move forward. Donaire in defensive mode. 
    • Good left hook from Donaire
    • Magdaleno lands body shot
    • Fight starts to heat up. End of 2nd
    • Donaire in attack mode
    • Magdaleno still targeting Donaire’s body
    • End of 3rd round
    • Manny Pacquiao watches fellow Filipino Donaire from his locker room
    • Donaire throws bunch of punches at Magdaleno
    • Donaire cuts Magdaleno’s left eye with a solid hit
    • Bloodied Magdaleno goes to his corner after round 4
    • Nonito Donaire still aggressive to start round 5
    • Nice exchanges of blows until the end of 5th
    • Scorecard favors Donaire over Magdaleno 5 rounds to nothing
    • End of round number 6
    • Halfway through the bout
    • Nice short left hook from donaire to Magdaleno’s head
    • Right straight from Donaire to Magdaleno’s chin
    • End of 7th
    • Good body shot from Magdaleno
    • Body shot from Magdaleno again
    • Round 8 goes to Jessie Magdaleno
    • Nonito Donaire’s right eye starts to swell
    • Good exchanges of blow
    • Magdaleno corners Donaire
    • Donaire still pinged on the ropes
    • Donaire survives round 9
    • Donaire hurts Magdaleno with a right straight to start round 10
    • Magdaleno is wobbly
    • Magdaleno quickly recovers
    • Donaire scores another right before the bell rings
    • Donaire keeps pushing forward
    • Strong hook from Donaire
    • Good body shot from Magdaleno
    • Short straight from Donaire before round 11 ends
    • Magdaleno continues to hit Donaire with body blows
    • Donaire misses uppercuts but connects his short straight
    • Magdaleno counters with a short right too
    • Donaire momentarily corners Magdaleno
    • All out for both fighters
    • End of fight
    • Official decision and announcement coming up
    • Jessie Magdaleno beats Nonito Donaire, wins WBO Jr Featherweight Champion via unanimous decision and still undefeated
    Donaire vs Magdaleno
    And the NEW WBO Jr. Featherweight CHAMPION is Jessie Magdaleno!

    Zou Shiming vs. Prasitsak Phaprom 
    WBO Flyweight Undercard Highlights (Round by Round)
    • Shiming decks Phaporm in the 2nd round
    • First 3 rounds favor Zhou Shiming
    • Freddie Roach on Zhou’s corner
    • End of 4th. Zhou still leads the scorecard
    • Zhou hit Phaprom with combinations before the 5th round ends
    • Both Fighters taunt each other and Round 6 ends in a slugfest
    • End of round 7
    • Phaprom fights back hard. Lands shots. End of 8th
    • Zhou still connects while exhausted Phaprom widely misses target. End of 9th
    • Zhou plays safe, does hit and run on Phaprom. Onto penultimate round
    • Phaporm needs to knockout Zhou to win the fight. Zhou keeps his distance from Phaporm. Final round coming-up.
    • Zhou toys Phaporm does hit and run again. Phaporm hits Zhou too low gets warned by Referee Russell Mora. Final bell rings. Judges decision coming-up
    • WBO Flyweight Champion of the World is Zhou Shiming!

    The Guaranteed Base Purses according to ESPN:

    • Manny Pacquiao ($4,000,000) vs. Jessie Vargas ($2,800,000)
    • Oscar Valdez ($200,000) vs. Hiroshige Osawa ($50,000)
    • Nonito Donaire ($400,000) vs. Jessie Magdaleno ($90,000)
    • Zou Shiming ($5,000) vs. Prasitsak Phaprom ($5,000)

    Here's the live update and Twitter feed for #PacVargas:

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