VIDEO: Coin toss breaks ties in Bocaue Mayoral race

    MANILA, Philippines - In a very rare election result for mayoral race in Bocaue, Bulacan, Municipal Board of Canvassers had to resort to a simple game of coin toss to break a tie after candidates received the same number of votes.

    Coin toss breaks ties in Bocaue Mayoral race
    Coin toss decides winner in Bocaue's mayoral race. Screengrab from Youtube.
    Liberal Party (LP) candidate Joni Villanueva and independent bet Jim Valerio both garnered 16,694 votes. During the best-of-five toss coin, Villanueva, sister of senatorial candidate Joel "Tesdaman" Villanueva, won over rival Valerio.

    The Commission on Elections provides a resolution for a "drawing of lots" in case of tie.

    It is under the poll body's Resolution 10083 or the General Instruction for the Board of Canvassers on the Consolidation/Canvass and Transmission of Votes specifically Section 11, Letter D-II.

    “The board shall, after recording in its minutes the fact of having candidates receiving the same number of votes for the position, immediately notified the said candidates to appear before the Board for drawing of lots to break the tie," the resolution stated.

    Watch the video below courtesy of Radyo Inquirer:

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