Pastry chef who vowed to give P5M-worth of cakes if Duterte wins will give free cakes

    MANILA, Philippines- Back in November 2015, a pastry chef and owner of the Quim’s cake made rounds on social media after airing his negative sentiments against Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Facebook.

    Pastry chef who vowed to give P5-million-worth of cakes if Duterte wins

    Jack Labang, who criticized the outspoken mayor for joining the presidential race despite his earlier claim that he will not run, even vowed to give P5-million-worth of cakes if Duterte wins the presidency.


    In his Facebok, he posted: “Pag manalo si Duterte manok nyo guys, gagawa ako ng maraming cakes pinakamasarap sa cakes sa Pilipinas worth 5milyon para ipakain for free siguraduhin nio lang manalo sya. mark my word.”

    (If Duterte wins, I will make the most delicious cakes in the Philippines worth P5million and give it for free. Just make sure that he wins.)

    In a separate post on Facebook, Labang also lambasted the apparent president calling him a big liar and even challenged him to a fistfight.

    He wrote: “Kung gusto mo talaga mamuno sa bansa nasa puso mo, gusto mo, kaya mo, hwag mo gawing dahilan si Poe. Sabi hindi ka tatakbo. You’re a big liar. Hindi ka pa pangulo sinungaling ka na! Suntukan na lang tayo.”

    (If you really want to lead the country and it’s in your heart, you want it, you are capable, don’t use Poe as a reason. You said you’re not running. You’re not even the president but you’re already lying. Let’s just have a fistfight.)

    Apparently, it looks like Labang may have bit off more than he can chew as Duterte is currently set for a big win in the 2016 presidential race. As all of his rivals have conceded, Duterte’s insurmountable lead in the partial and unofficial results of the elections held on May 9 clearly indicates that he will soon become the 16th President President of the Republic of the Philippines.

    Netizens, who seem to be looking forward to see Labang fulfill his promise, have set up an event on Facebook dubbed as “Libreng Cake Mula kay Chef Jack Labang”. As of press time,17,000 netizens are going and 34,000 are interested in the event.

    Interestingly, Labang decided to keep his promise by sampling 5 million worth of cakes “to celebrate the election of our new leaders.” Here’s a list of the sampling schedule to be conducted at their shop in 38 Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

    Pastry chef who vowed to give P5M-worth of cakes if Duterte wins will give free cakes

    June 29 Update: The social media buzz about 'free cakes if Duterte wins' by Labang is not yet over as more than 180,000 Facebook users said they were interested to join the event tomorrow, June 30.

    free cake duterte

    --Mini, The Summit Express


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