NAIA official wants to hire a feng shui expert after a series of airport mishaps

MANILA, Philippines- Following a series of unfortunate events including a five-hour blackout, a collapsed ceiling, death, and several suicide attempts, an official of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 has suggested to consult a feng shui expert in order to take away the “bad luck.”

Can a feng shui expert drive away “bad spirits” at the NAIA 3?
Can a feng shui expert drive away “bad spirits” at the NAIA 3?
The unnamed official advised NAIA-3 manager Octavio Lina to seek the help of a feng shui expert or geomancer to identify what’s wrong with the building’s design and drive evil spirits inside the terminal.

In a report by Philippine Star, Lina revealed he might recommend the idea to Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) general manager Jose Angel Honrado.

Apparently, a security guard died inside the airport terminal in a motorcycle accident two years ago.

Moreover, several superstitious officials of the airport believe that the demolition of chapel and a whole community across the street when the airport was being constructed could be one of the reasons behind the airport mishaps. However, a new and bigger church had already been built on the site of the previous one.

The idea of consulting a feng shui expert came after the NAIA terminal 3 blackout, whose exact cause remains unknown.

On April 2, the blackout at NAIA terminal 3 caused the cancellation of 82 local flights and delays in at least four international flights. At least 14,000 passengers were affected by the crippling power outage.

Despite calls for resignation, Honrado attributed the incident to bad luck. According to him, the generators did not work well as expected. As a result, the lighting, elevator and escalator, conveyor, air-traffic control and other systems failed to run.

Speaking to reporters, Liberal party(LP) standard bearer and former Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) chief Manuel “Mar” Roxas II has called for an unbiased and comprehensive investigation of the incident to determine its cause. He also wanted concerned officials to be “fired, punished and reprimanded”.

LP secretary general Joseph Emilio Abaya is the current head of the DOTC.

-Mini, The Summit Express

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