Courier mass-dismisses employees?

MANILA, Philippines – On Friday afternoon of April 1, 2016, one of the start-up courier companies in the country, Fastrack Courier posted nineteen photos of its employess with Caption: DISMISSED EMPLOYEES.

Fastrack Courier dismissed employees

Many were puzzled by this post since it was shown during “April Fools Days.” Many thought that it was a prank. But it’s not.

Fastrack Courier is one of the many reliable local couriers which is loved and preferred by many Filipinos especially the small business owners due to its fast and super affordable service rates.

But come April 1, Fastrack fired nineteen of its employees who seemed to be its regular riders.

Fastrack announced the firing of its nineteen employees via their official Facebook Fan Page
Fastrack announced the firing of its nineteen employees via their official Facebook Fan Page.
Photo Credit: Fastrack Courier Facebook Fan Page
Customers began to fume on the courier’s poor service that day.

Regular patrons started to get mad at their reliable courier. Photo: Fastrack Courier Facebook Fan Page
The loyal patrons also started questioning Fastrack for the real reason of the mass-firing of its employees for security purposes but as of publishing time, the courier has no response on the queries posted as comments on their post.

People are really wondering for the main reason of the dismissal. Some are now guessing that the dismissed employees possibly didn’t remit the service fee that they had collected from their clients. While some think that the items that they had picked-up were not delivered to the respective recipients because those riders might kept the items for themselves.

It has also come to our knowledge and based on the courier’s post way back in 2015, that some crooks are using the company name to pick-up the items from their regular customers.

No customer liked this warning from Fastrack.
Photo Credit: Fastrack Courier Facebook Fan Page
But the question is, how could these bad guys know that there are items ready for pick-up from the courier’s valued clients? There must be someone or some insiders giving tips on this group of wrongdoers.

Could this possibly the case of the nineteen dismissed employee? As of the moment, only the courier management knows. If the courier remains mum on this issue, their clients will keep on wondering and might look for other courier companies to serve them in order to protect their valuables and money.

There’s no such thing as easy money. Every thing “is” and “must” be hard-earned. So let’s be wise and vigilant. Ask for company IDs if possible and call your courier or Police Stations should suspicisions arise.

It’s safe to be ready than sorry.

Just a public reminder from The Summit Express.

-Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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