VIRAL: LRT 1 coach runs with open doors

MANILA, Philippines - A 19-year-old student of Technological University of the Philippines has captured on video his one-of-a-kind experience while riding the Light Rail Transit Line 1 (LRT-1) train.

LRT 1 coach runs with open doors

In a video posted by James Cubelo, a packed LRT 1 coach at the Central terminal station travelled all the way to the U.N. station with open doors on Thursday, March 10 around 6pm.

According to Cubelo, they were surprised to see that the doors didn’t close despite the fact that the train was already traversing. Instead of alerting the LRT 1 management about the problem, the guard simply asked them to hold on tightly to the handrails inside the train. Cubelo even likened the experience to an amusement ride in Star City.

“Sumakay kami ng friend ko sa LRT1 from Central Station. Napansin namin na hindi nag-close ang door pero tumatakbo na, nagulat nalang kami nung sinabi ni manong guard na kumapit nalang kami ng mabuti, ano to! Star City lang ang peg, ganun!” Cubelo wrote in the caption of his post.

(My friend and I rode LRT 1 from Central Station. We noticed that the door didn’t close even if the train was running. We were surprised that the guard simply told us to hold on tightly to the safety rail. What this? Star City?)

Guys!! Share natin to hanggang maka-abot sa Management ng LRT!March 10, 2016 around 6 pm. Sumakay kami ng friend ko sa...
Posted by James Cubelo on Thursday, March 10, 2016

A second video of his “crazy experience” was posted on Friday, March 11. Cubelo recounted that the train continued to travel from U.N. Avenue station despite the coach being “doorless”. The graduating Fine Arts student commented that the experience became more “intense” because more commuters entered the packed coach.

So ayun nga, dumating kami sa U.N. station. nadagdagan ng passengers, mas sikisikan, syempre mas iba na ang Intensity...
Posted by James Cubelo on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cubelo revealed that he LRT-1 management checked and fixed the problematic doors at Pedro Gil station.

On Friday, March 11, the management of the Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) issued an apology to the passengers on board the said train.

In a statement, LRMC said: ”Light Rail Manila Corporation has a safety policy that no train with a door fault should leave the station or the depot.”

- Mini/The Summit Express

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