Young girl threatens to smash car window after driver refused to give alms

MANILA, Philippines - A netizen shared her disturbing experience which happened at the Katipunan and CP Garcia intersection in front of UP Town Center.

Young girl at Katipunan threatens drivers to get alms. Photo Credit: James Deakin

According to netizen identified as Mary, a girl went to the side of her car and mumbled something she couldn’t decipher. Mary simply ignored the girl but the latter’s voice grew louder and began pounding on her car window with a rock. Mary soon realized that the girl was trying to tell her that if she doesn’t give her money, she’ll break her car window using the rock.

Mary signaled her to move away but the girl kept pounding on her window using the rock. Although she was tempted to spray pepper spray on the girl’s face, Mary hesitated realizing that her attacker is just a little girl.

The young girl soon moved to her next target and did the same modus operandi. This gave Mary the chance to capture the girl’s photo.

When Mary was about to leave, the girl stood in front of her car and aimed the rock at her vehicle.

“I am shocked and appalled at what this girl is capable of. Threatening to get money? Who taught her to do that? A few more years and who knows what she’ll be capable to do. Sad,” Mary wrote in her post.

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girl at katipunan, UP Town Center smash car
PHOTO CREDIT: Pinoy Secret Files
In 2011, Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero, chairman of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights at that time, proposed to lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility to age 9 as stipulated under P.D. 603 or the Child and Youth Welfare Code of 1974. According to Escudero, R.A. 9344 which states that 15 is the minimum of age of criminality responsibility has resulted in more crimes being carried out.

Escudero pointed out that criminal syndicates take advantage of juveniles to carry out their illegal operations. Some even serve as crime agents or drug couriers since they can go scot-free under the law.

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