Feng shui expert reveals what awaits you in 2016, Year of the Monkey

MANILA, Philippines - Will you finally find luck and romance this 2016, the Year of the Fire Monkey?

2016 is the Year of Red Monkey.
2016 is the Year of Red Monkey.
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Feng shui expert Marites Allen revealed what awaits people born under different Chinese zodiac signs as soon as we welcome the Chinese New Year on February 8.

According to Allen, future success is likely for anything associated with the water element as well as industries like spa, tourism, banking and shipping. Lucky colors for this year include blue, black and grey.

Here are the things that you can expect for 2016:

Year of the Rat

According to Allen, those born in the “Year of the Rat” will find luck in terms of money but will be susceptible to backstabbing, politicking as well as jealousy.

Year of the Ox

While the Ox may had experienced bad luck in 2015 since it is considered an enemy of the Sheep, those born under this sign will have more luck and better chances of finding success this year. However, Allen advises to counter the negativities of the year that may prevent one from finding success by doing charity work.

Year of the Tiger

Considered an enemy of the Monkey, Tigers may not have a great 2016 when it comes to luck and health. Allen says: "There are forces on your chart that will test your motivation and resolve.”

Year of the Rabbit

The Year of the Monkey will be an exciting year for those born in the year of the Rabbit. Individuals born under this sign are encouraged by Allen to “create, build beautiful things” as their star of creativity is at its peak this year.

Year of the Dragon

Dragons can expect to have a great 2016 as “anything they touch can turn into gold”, according to Allen. Take advantage of this luck.

Year of the Snake

This year’s chart has positive implications for those born in the year of the Snake. However, one must be mindful about losing money as he or she can be susceptible to cheating and robbery.

Year of the Horse

Although 2016 will be quite a good year for Horse, people born under this sign must be wary of their moves since there’s a possibility that they can be involved in “something that will cause you to lose your name and honor.” Horses are advised not to make renovations in the south corner of their houses.

Year of the Sheep

Sheeps are advised to grab all the opportunities for as long as they can in the year of the Monkey. These opportunities may not last long so it’s important for people born under this sign to make things happen.

Year of the Monkey

Monkeys are definitely on fire this 2016! The star of prosperity falls on the chart of those born under this sign this year. Considered a rare year for the Monkey, their star will bring potential wealth and abundance in everything they do.

Year of the Rooster

The Year of the Monkey may bring roosters an average reading but they will find luck in love, travelling, as well as education this year.

Year of the Dog

Allen advises those born under this sign to make use of their luck. Allen reveals: "Auspicious stars are coming in from your allies, which is present in this year's chart, which could yield positive influence in your fantastic luck this year.”

Year of the Boar

It’s a very luck year for Boars because of water, their secret element.


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