Open Letter against “Forevermore” Director Cathy Garcia-Molina goes viral

MANILA, Philippines - Blockbuster director Cathy Garcia-Molina is at the center of controversy after a former talent revealed the alleged verbal abuse experienced by her boyfriend during the taping of the 2014 ABS-CBN hit TV series "Forevermore."

Cathy Garcia-Molina is embroiled in a controversy involving a former talent.
Blockbuster director Cathy Garcia-Molina is embroiled in a controversy involving a former talent. Photo Credit: GMA Solid Global Fanpage

According to a Facebook note by Rossellyn Domingo on Thursday, December 31, her boyfriend Alvin Campomanes, who served as a substitute actor for a minor role in the former primetime drama, was cursed and humiliated by Molina during a location shooting for Forevermore on October 6 to 7 in Baguio.


“Napakasakit para sa akin na mura-murahin niyo nang pauli-ulit ang boyfriend ko sa harap ng maraming tao. Nakatatak sa alaala ko ang mga ngisi at tawanan ng mga staff at cameramen niyo kapag nagpapakawala kayo ng mga mura. Hindi niyo alam kung gaanong iginagalang ng napakaraming tao ang “ekstrang” minura-mura at ipinahiya ninyo,” Domingo wrote in her Facebook note.

(It’s very painful for me to witness my boyfriend being cursed in front of many people. The smirks and laughs of the staff and cameramen as she says curse words are in my memory. You don’t know how much respect people give to that “extra” you cursed and humiliated.)

Campomanes, a University of the Philippines educator and historian, filed a complaint addressed to ABS-CBN broadcast head Ma. Socorro V. Vidanes on October 22, 2014. He urged the network giant to take disciplinary actions against Molina, a certain Jeng and talent coordinator John Leonardo, who took Camponanes as a substitute actor.

In the letter of complaint, Campomanes detailed how Molina verbally abused after he failed to follow the instructions she gave him during the first day of taping. The first-time actor claimed that he was “denigrated” by Molina during the second day of taping after he committed errors in blocking.

“I was verbally abused. ‘P*tang *na! Ang hirap turuan!’ ‘K*nang *na!’ ‘P*ksh*t ka, Makoy!’ At that point, I remember Joey Marquez spared me from further humiliation by coaching me on how to position my body for that particular scene. I believe he was uncomfortable seeing me endure all those hurtful remarks, aware as he was that his daughter Winwyn was my student in San Beda. As a matter of prudence, I struggled to maintain my composure. I did not want to engage a woman who is almost as old as my parents in a shouting match. I am the better person. I was raised well by my parents. I was formed well by my teachers. I am an educator. I had the moral ascendancy,” Campomanes wrote.

Read the full open letter of complaint to Cathy Garcia Molina here.

Through the letter of complaint, Campomanes wishes to voice out the silent rage of all the extras and behind-the-camera workers who had been “abused and dehumanized”.

His controversial post has gone viral amassing more than 6,000 shares as of this writing.

Molina has not released a statement regarding the issue.

UPDATE: ABS-CBN issues statement on Cathy Garcia-Molina controversy

--Mini, The Summit Express

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