VIRAL: Baron Geisler's altercation with bouncers in Pampanga caught on video


MANILA, Philippines - A video showing actor Baron Geisler in a bar incident went viral on social media today.

Baron Geisler's altercation with bouncers in Pampanga caught on video

Netizens are abuzzed on the video with Baron seemingly challenging the bouncers to a fight outside a bar in Pampanga. Others think it is just a "promo" or a "preparation" for an upcoming project of the much-loved teen idol before.

Facebook user Mojahid Abdulmoumen uploaded the video on Tuesday, July 7 at 11:49pm and said that he witnessed the incident at Skytrax Bar in Angeles.

WATCH: Baron Geisler challenging club bouncers to a brawl in Pampanga (Note: video contains language not suitable for minors)

c varon lasing ng wawala sa labas ng skytrack disco
Posted by Mojahid Abdulmoumen on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Based on the annotation from the one who took the video, the bouncers had refused entry to Baron who appeared to be drunk.

As of press time, the video already reached 623,158 views and was shared by almost 10,000 times on the social networking sites.

In another video showing some details before the altercation, a man (probably the same person taking the video) said “Mag-di-disco siya kaso hindi pinapayagan dahil bawal diyan ang lasing.”

c varon papasok sa disco ng wla ayaw papasokin
Posted by Mojahid Abdulmoumen on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Meanwhile, Baron's camp has issued statement for the recent incident. The actor's talent agency ALV Management said they believe that the actor was "aggravated" by the management of the bar after they have "hurt his feelings" by denying him access to the establishment.

The agency appealed to the public to be "more discerning before judging anyone."

“Nevertheless, a place for entertainment open to the public, locals and foreigners alike, cannot single out any individual purely because of the stigma of his past, unaccompanied by any illegal act, untoward incident, violation of law, ordinance and rules of the establishment.”

“Despite the commotion outside the bar, we are thankful that Baron had the right mind to walk away in the end from the said incident.”

“We pray for sobriety and that the public be more discerning before judging anyone.”

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