Pacquiao vs. Mayweather undercard: Live results

MANILA, Philippines – Pacquiao vs. Mayweather undercard fights roll today, May 2 (Sunday, May 3, Manila Time) at the iconic MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada, USA. Six bouts are all set for the much anticipated fight of the century dubbed as: “Battle for Greatness.” Two titled matches now aired live on all PPV venues and channels and in a delayed telecast on local prime channels.

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Undercard: Live Results, Round Per Round Highlights

The Summit Express delivers today, May 3 (Manila Time) the WBC Super Bantamweight World Championship Leo Santa Cruz vs. Jose Cayetano and co-main event of the night: WBO Featherweight Championship match between Vasyl Lomachenko and Gamalier Rodriguez  LIVE on a round per round results and updates.


Vasyl Lomachenko and Gamalier Rodriguez

Leo Santa Cruz vs. Jose Cayetano

Labeled as the “Greatest Amateur in Boxing History” by Top rank Head Honcho, Bob Arum, the 27 year old Ukaranian - Vasyl Lomachenko will only be fighting his fifth fight in his professional career against a seasoned veteran, Gamalier Rodriguez. Rodriguez who hailed from Puerto Rico, will be bannering his 25-2-3, 17 KOs record against the younger boxer’s 3-1-0, 1 KO.


Lomachenko has been Ukraine’s pride for constantly bringing Gold Medals home since 2004 during his amateur years. He was also a 2012 London Summer Olympics Gold Medalist in a 132-pound weight category. The Kid who is also a southpaw like Manny Pacquiao will try to astound the crowd with a shocking win over Rodriguez. But the Puerto Rican will use his experience to foil Ukranian to keep the title.

Leo “El Terremoto” Santa Cruz who is still undefeated in 29 bouts is now eyeing to add Jose “El Tigre” Cayetano in his list of victims.

Boxing scouts and analysts describe Santa Cruz as an accurate and crushing puncher who has a clean record of 29-0 and has sent 13 of his last 15 opponents into sleep. His fellow Mexican and low-profiler Jose “Tigre” Cayetano is clearly the underdog in this bout. But his decent 17-3-0, 8 KOs record will keep his chances alive against the heavy hitter Santa Cruz.

The Lomachenko vs Rodriguez will be trading fists at exactly 9:00 am followed by Santa Cruz vs. Cayetano title bout. Stay online for the LIVE updates brought to you by The Summit Express.

LIVE BLOG: Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Gamalier Rodriguez (WBO Featherweight World Championship Bout)

Lomachenko-Rodriguez starts. Fighters walk-in. Gamalier Rodriguez on his way up to the ring.

Vasyl Lomacgenko on his way up. Both fighters have been introduced. Round 1 on its way.

Round 1. Both fighters were sizing up on each other.

Round 2. Rodriguez's jabs were connecting and kept Lomachenko's distance.

Round 3. Rodriguez landed body shots on Lomachenko. Lomachenko started to get aggressive.

Round 4. Momentum shifted to Lomachenko who landed perfect combination on Rodriguez. Point deducted from Rodriguez due to Low Blow.

Round 5: Rodriguez has a cut on upper eyebrow due to Lomachenko offensive attack.

Round 6: Lomachengko still outscoring Rodriguez with flurry of punches. Rodriguez warned for holding Lomachenko, warned for low blow.

Round 7: Lomachenko drops Rodriguez with a left straight to the body. Landed a perfect left to the Chin before the bell rang. 1st knock down of the fight.

Round 8: Lomachenko continued to land combinations to Rodriguez's head. One more deduction from Rodriguez dur to low blow Rodriguez has no answer to Lomachenko's hits.

Round 9
Game over.
Referee Robert Byrd stops the fight
Lomachenko knocked-out Rodriguez.
Lomachenko sent Rodriguez on his knees with a right hook.

LIVE BLOG: Leo Santa Cruz vs. Jose Cayetano (WBC Super Bantamweight World Championship Bout)

- Jimmy Lennon Jr. annonuces the entry of both Fighters
- Referee Russel Mora officiates the fight

Round 1
- Both Mexicans were landing good shots
- Santa Cruz' defensive guards all up
- Santa Cruz continues to throw jabs
- Great round for Santa Cruz

Round 2
- Cayetano throws crosses at santa Cruz
- Cayetano keeps his distance from Santa Cruz's jabs
- Good counter for Cayetano
- Good exchange from both fighgtes

Round 3
- Santa Cruz rocked Cayetano with a solid right straight
- Santa Cruz started to attack the body of Cayetano
- Another straight to Cayetano's fight
- Toe to toe battle
- Cayetano felt Santa Cruz's power, back pedals to end round 3

Round 4
- Cayetano's still in good condition despite of the bombs given by Santa Cruz
- Santa Cruz continues to move forward
- Cayetano attacks but Santa Cruz's defence is excellent
- Santa Cruz's right hand was countered by Cayetano

Round 5
- Cayetano maintains his distance from Santa Cruz to avoid long jabs
- Santa Cruz accidentally hit Cayetano at the back of his head. fight continues
- Cayetano backed against the rope

Round 6
- Santa Cruz continues to score to the head of Cayetano
- Good combination for Sanata Cruz
- Still no answer for Cayetano

Round 7
- Stiffed jabs for Santa Cruz
- Cayetano pinned at the corner and Sanata Cruz capitalizes
- Cayetano has a granite chin
- Cayetano survives round 8

Round 8
- Santa Cruz fighting widely for not bring his guards down
- Cayetano switches to southpaw stance
- Cayetano pretends not to be hurt

Round 9
- Right hand still connecting for Santa Cruz
- Amazingly, Cayetano remains standing
- Cayetano has cut under the left eye

Round 10
- final round
- No sense of urgency for Cayetano
- Santa Cruz is up by points
- Cayetano continues to back pedal
- Cayetano is just playing safe and avoiding to get knocked out
- All out in the last 15 seconds
- End of bout

Santa Cruz wins via Unanimous Decision 100-90 from all judges.

- Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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