LIVE BLOG: Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Full Results, Highlights

MANILA, Philippines – The long wait is all over! This is it! The “Battle for Greatness” is already in our hands. Before the day ends, the whole world will know who is the real pound for pound king between Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. on Sunday, May 3 (Saturday, May 2 US Time) at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

LIVE BLOG: Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Full Results, Highlights

VIDEO: Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Free Livestream Online, Live Updates Philippines

BREAKING NEWSFloyd Mayweather Jr retains his clean record by outscoring Manny Pacquaio after 12 rounds of intense boxing. Mayweather is the World’s Greatest! Decisions Pacquiao unanimously.

TOP STORY: Mayweather beats Pacquiao, wins unified welterweight championship titles

The official weigh-in yesterday tells a lot of story for this once in a lifetime event. The jam-packed MGM Grand Ballroom was filled with Pro Pacquiao audience which means, majority of boxing fans are on the Fighting Congressman from Philppines’ side. An online survey was also conducted and 51% goes to Pacquiao to win the fight while Mayweather who is the obvious front runner and highly favored months ago garnered 49% a day before their duel.

The serious face of Floy Mayweather Jr. indicates that he is not taking this fight lightly compared to his reactions on his previous fights where the Undefeated American used to trashtalk his opponents and their coaches. Many believe that Pacquiao is a real threat to Mayweather’s immaculate 47-0 record. But well-known Sports Analyst, Stephen A. Smith of ESPN reiterates that Manny has a zero chance in beating “Money” Mayweather. Smith even struck at Pacquiao, when the Filipino Fighter told on air that Mayweather is beatable and called this blasphemous.

In contrast to Floyd’s reaction during the wigh-in, Manny showed a very positive vibe and attitude. Confident is what can describe Manny Pacquiao. He even took a selfie with his entourage on his way to the stage for the scaling and continuously waved his hand at the crowd. No wonder why majority of boxing fans around the globe are on his side.

This is it, there’s no more stopping the 2 great fighters of our generation. They were weighed and pass the 147-lbs limit. After 12 thrilling rounds of a historic boxing event, one fighter will be hailed as the: World’s Greatest.

Join us as we bring LIVE updates, full results and Pacquiao vs. Mayweather main event highlights brought to you by The Summit Express!

- Philippine National Anthem to be sung by Pastor Friends of Manny Pacquiao.
- Stars Spangled Banner performed by  Jamie Foxx.
- Manny now on his way to the ring.

- Both fighters are now on the canvass.

Round 1


- Opening Bell sounds
- Fighters sizing up each other
- Manny chants uproaring
- Flotd attacks Manny's body
- Manny connects jab
- Floyd clinches on Manny

Round 2
- Manny pursues Floyd
- manny caught Floyd at the corner
- Floyd clinches
- Manny with a combo to the body
- Short straight to manny's face from Floyd
- Manny connects a combo to the head

Round 3
- Flod on defensive mode now
- Floyd low blow
- Pacquiao on attack mode. Floyd on back pedal mode
- It was brawl at the last 5 seconds of round 3

Roud 4
- Short left from Manny to Floyd's head
- good combo from Manny
-  Manny flurries Floyd with Punches while backing on the rope
-  Floyd connects a right
- Great round for Manny

Floyd connects a right

Round 5
- Manny still on attack mode
- Floyd trows jabs and connects
- Manny missed a right hook

Round 6
- Short jab connects for Floyd
- Manny combos
- Good left from Manny to Floyd's body
- Floyd continues to hold on Manny
- Nice combo from Manny
- Floyd pretends not to be hurt
- Manny scores to body
- Floyd uses his reach advantage to keep manny away
- Great round again for Manny

Round 7
- Floyd thorws power right but missed
- Floyd connects with a power jab
- Floyd is agreesive offensively
- Floyd puses Manny down for the nth time
- Effective jabbing for Floyd
- Straight left from Manny to Floyd's face
- Floyd dances off

Round 8
- Good left shots from Manny
- Manny scores with a combo
- Floyd connects a left hook
- Pacquiao beinf careful on his attacks
- Floyd now on a shoulder roll position

Round 9
- Nice left from Manny
- Good left straight from Manny again
- Right counter from Flod
- Floyd landing clearly on Manny's face
- Good right  from Floyd to Manny's jaw


Round 10
- Referee Bayless warned Floyd for elbowing
- Body shot to Floyd
- Right counter from Floyd
-  Good left from Manny to Floyd's jaw
- Good combo from Manny but countered by Floyd

Round 11
- Floyd on attack mode
- Sense of urgency for both fighters
- Power right from Floyd
- Combo again from Manny
- Good counter from Floyd
- Left right combo to Manny

Round 12
- Final 3 minutes of the bout
- Both fighters embraced as a sign of respect
- Floyd runs
- Flod keeps distance
- Pacquiao surges

- Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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