Pinoy Big Brother reveals nominated housemates via 'PBB All Out'

Manila, Philippines - ABS-CBN's hit reality show Pinoy Big Brother revealed a new twist called 'PBB All Out' during the special episode aired on Sunday, June 8, 2014.

PBB All In nominated housemates all out challenge

PBB host Toni Gonzaga announced that the new set of nominees will be named through series of challenges.

This time, housemates did not give points to fellow housemates in contrast to the standard process of PBB nomination.

Gonzaga added that aside from Alex, there will be more than one housemate who will leave PBB House on Saturday, June 14, 2014.

The full mechanics of 'PBB All Out' is expected to be revealed on Week 7 ( June 9-13, 2014).

Update: PBB All Out twist involves challenges. If a housemate failed to win or finish a challenge, he or she may receive an automatic nomination. The following are the All Out challenges:

1. The Island is Sinking - Nichole won in the challenge. Three floating platforms are present in the pool. When Big Brother mentions how many housemates can stay in a platform, all the housemates part of the challenge will race towards them. The housemates that failed to get onto the platforms will not join the succeeding rounds. The last remaining housemate will be safe from being automatically nominated.

2. Longest Line - Daniel, Maris and Vickie won in the challenge. All housemates, except Alex and Nichole, need to group themselves into four groups of three; per group, one teen housemate should be present. All groups need to create a vertical line using things found in the house; this includes personal items they owned, and all the things present inside the house (with the exception of appliances and other fixtures). First, a member per group needs to collect all things they will need in creating the vertical line within 15 minutes. After that, each group will create the vertical line in the picnic area within four hours. A yellow flag should be placed at the top of each line, and each line should stand on its own. The group with the tallest line wins immunity.

3. Pingpong Challenge - Fifth, Fourth and Manolo won the immunity challenge. Recipients of the challenge need to pass pingpong balls to their groupmates while relaying the balls into an obstacle course of hoops and tubes.

Jane, Jayme and Joshua (Triple J) and Ranty, Michele and Loisa (Team Halimaw) are nominated for eviction as they have failed to beat Team Yolo ( Manolo, Fourth and Fifth) record of 2 minutes and 38 seconds in the 'All Out Pingpong Challenge'.

June 12 Update: PBB host Bianca Gonzalez announced that eviction will be next week, June 21. Voting is now officially open.

The Sunday's episode of PBB topped online conversations with official hashtag '#PBBALLOUT' became the no. 1 topic worldwide.

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