Nancy Binay urges MTRCB to review PBB 'controversial challenge'

Manila, Philippines - Senator Nancy Binay is urging the Movie Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) to look into the controversial challenge posed by ABS-CBN reality show Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) on one of its female housemates.

Jayme Jalandoni PBB painting challenge

Binay is set to file a resolution on the issue within the week and believes that the MTRCB should look into possible ethical breach committed by "PBB All In" in its June 4, 2014 episode, and the inappropriate challenge asked by "Big Brother" to 23-year-old contestant Jayme Jalandoni to pose n*de for a painting-for-charity.

"This might be a reality show but its contestants, especially its female housemates, should be accorded with respect without compromising their dignity and their rights as women," Binay said.

The senator said that MTRCB should review the PBB's rule book and the Code of Conduct and the Ethical Standards that govern the Endemol franchise.

"I believe this is the second time PBB went overboard. How far can reality TV go for high ratings? Will we allow the network to exploit our women and children for ratings sake?" asked Binay.

According to the lady senator, the MTRCB should look into the policies of ABS-CBN and Endemol when it comes to challenges and tasks that potentially violate the housemates' rights and dignity, as well as those that challenge one's faith, corrupt Filipino values, or degrade cultural mores.

"Did Endemol and ABS-CBN go out of line with this particular challenge? Hanggang saan po ba ang pwedeng ipagawa ni Kuya sa mga housemates at parang pati dangal nila ay kailangang isakripisyo?" Binay asked.

A nurse and devoted Christian, Jalandoni was reluctant to accept the challenge but eventually agreed to agree in the task due to pressure. Three other housemates were asked to do the same, but all of them refused to accept Big Brother's challenge.

"All the tasks and challenges are part of the script which are approved by the PBB Management prior to execution. The responsibility does not solely fall on Kuya's lap--kasama sa daloy ng script ang management at buong production team," the senator said.

Binay added that PBB's n*de challenge to housemates is not to test one's character, rather an irresponsible and insensitive act bordering on blackmail.

"Housemates give their blind trust to Kuya. The PBB Management should be sensitive when it comes to faith, ethnicity and morality. Tumanggi na si Jayme dahil ito ay labag sa kanyang paniniwala at sa tingin niya ay mababastos siya... dapat noon pa lang, na-realize na ni Kuya na may mali sa challenge na ito," she noted.

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