Alex a 'House Guest' in 'PBB All In'

Manila, Philippines –  Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) All In on Saturday, May 3, 2014 gives four (4) big surprises to all avid viewers of the leading and worldwide trending reality show on ABS-CBN.

Alex Gonzaga is a House Guest on PBB All In

The four big surprises include the the most awaited PBB dance choreography this season, the results of 'hating-kapatid' weekly task, the new process of nomination and the truth behind the stay of 18th housemate Alex Gonzaga inside PBB House.

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In the live broadcast of PBB today, the housemates performed the newest dance steps for PBB theme song "Pinoy Ako' officially sang by the Japanese visual kei rock band, UchuSentai:Noiz. The song, which was originally sung by local band Orange and Lemons, was used as the official theme song for the first season of the hit reality series "Pinoy Big Brother."

'Kuya' announced that its 18 housemates succeeded the task. Watch PBB All In housemates dances "Pinoy Ako".

On their first weekly task, the housemates failed to get 100% of budget for next week as housemates Fourth and Fifth on their secret task did not succeed to identify if there's other siblings inside PBB house this season. The 2 housemates guessed Jayme and Maris are siblings. However, Big Brother revealed the truth that no other housemates are siblings.

The secret task is just 50% of the entire task, known to them is the task to to divide their time among themselves equally in doing household chores, food, and shower time, among other activities. They are only allowed to commit five mistakes. A five-piece pie will be shown in the living room's LED monitor, wherein a piece of pie will be removed from the monitor for every mistake made.

The third surprise of Big Brother is the 'Power to Nominate' or BBN. For the first time in PBB history, ABS-CBN will introduce 'Vote to Nominate'. In the previous seasons, the public have to power to 'Vote to Save' (BBS) and 'Vote to Evict' (BBE).  In this season, the public will be given a chance to nominate one housemate.'PBB All In' will announce soon the process on how to 'Vote to Nominate'.

Big Brother also revealed that Alex is not an official housemate but a Celebrity HouseGuest.

Few minutes after the special announcement, 'House Guest' became an instant trending topic on microblogging site Twitter. In addition, '#PBBALLIN4BIGBALITA', 'Vote to Nominate', 'selfiemates' and 'BBN Loisa' also trended on Saturday night.

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