DOLE proposes alternative jobs for nursing grads this 2014


Manila, Philippines - The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) through TV Patrol special report on March 25, 2014 proposed alternative jobs for the newly licensed and unemployed Filipino nurses rather than wait for job openings in medical facilities.

Wanted Trabaho for Filipino Nurses

Based on data from the DOLE, around 300,000 nurses are currently unemployed and an additional of 30,000 graduated on the nursing course this March 2014.

More than 10,000 nursing graduates hurdled the licensure examination in December 2013. They are expected to join the growing number of unemployed nurses in the country.

According to Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) President Arlene Navarro, most of the Filipino nursing graduates can't find jobs easily in abroad due to lack of experience.

Korina Sanchez asked Career Coach Dr. Balita on how we can solve the problem and he said: "There's no over supply, there's under utilization of nurses."

"Kung makikita natin sa mga governemnt hospital, ang ratio ng nurse is 1:50. Sa isang ward lang kelangan ng additional na 3. Three shifts per day kaya kelangan ng siyam. Kung makukuha tayo ng mga plantilla positions para sa mga nurses na unemployed, mas matutugunan nila yung international demands kasi may experience na sila."

"Kung lalawakan lang ng nurse and kanyang pananaw at lalabas siya dun sa kahon ng ospital, maaaring maalala niya na trained siya from womb-to-tomb",Carl Balita said in an interview of TV Patrol.

There are an alternative jobs await nursing graduates as some enters being gym instructor with salary range P15,000 - P 18,000 per month, facialist (P12,000 - P15,000), embalmer (P12,000 - 15,000 per month).

DOLE endorses other alternative jobs for the nurses such as medical transcriptionists, medical secretaries, medical coders and billers, medical assistants and medical representatives.

There are also opening for Health Care Outsourcing with the salary of P20,000-40,000 per month.

"Akala nila pinag-co-call center natin ang ating mga nurses. No, it's not. We're just saying that there are alternative occupation for these professionals to be able to gain actual experience", Nicon Fameronag of Labor Communications Office, DOLE said.

Watch the special report of TV Patrol for the alternative jobs for nursing graduates this 2014:

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