CCTV video matches Vhong Navarro's statement (TV Patrol )

Manila, Philippines - ABS-CBN's TV Patrol on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 got the first look of condo CCTV where Deniece Cornejo resides detailing portion of the incident of mauling to comedian Vhong Navarro last January 22 at The Fort Taguig.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) now holds the whole CCTV footage according to reports.

CCTV Video matches Vhong Navarro statement

Update: NBI releases CCTV footage of Vhong Navarro's mauling case

The three videos were now in NBI's custody- one from the entrance and exit, the other from elevator and last one from the lobby. NBI however did not disclosed the whole CCTV footage to media

Based on CCTV footage, NBI said that Vhong's statement is matched on the time and alleged persons involved in the assault like Cedric Lee.

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NBI said that they already have the list of those involved in the incident including five (5) men, Cedric Lee, Bernice Lee and another woman.

Cedric Lee Vhong Navarro case

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NBI said that they will reveal the whole footage of the CCTV to media soon.

Aside from CCTV footage, NBI also have 3 evidences that will be used to file a case against Cedric Lee's camp. These are the condo's logbook, the police blotter and the statement of the security guards. The NBI believed that the evidences are almost complete.

Here's the full report of TV Patrol for the real CCTV footage of the condo (January 28, 2014):

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