Review: Pros and Cons Reproductive Health (RH) Law

    The Catholic Church has reason for a little celebration as the Supreme Court (SC) issued a 4-month Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the RH Law (Reproductive Health Law). On the other hand, supporters of the RH Law consider this a temporary setback, one that just delays the implementation of the said law.

    But beyond the approval of the then RH Bill and the issuance of the TRO by the Supreme Court, there are still so many questions lingering.

    Shouldn’t there be a separation between the church and the state? So why does the church meddle with the affairs of the state? Doing so makes them impose their beliefs on all Filipinos who may not hold the same beliefs as they do. Then there’s the threat of the church to pull out political support and go against the supporters of the RH Law. Now that the election is just a mere 2 months away, politicians who are looking to get the support of the church is going to take action not based on their beliefs but rather on how they can appease the church. That in itself is a testament of the absence of separation of church and state because the church influences how politicians run the state.

    On the other hand, will the implementation of the RH Law contribute more good than bad to our country? The implementation of the RH Law may spawn unscrupulous people who will take the opportunity to put up a business of contraceptives that are not safe. This can put the health of women at risk. Imagine if there unsafe contraceptive pills that are being sold, the health of women who take these contraceptive pills are going to be at risk and they may develop some other complications due to their ingestion of these pills.

    It also raises the question of how does the government plan to address such a situation? How can they crack on unscrupulous businesses who try to make money out of selling unsafe contraceptive pills? The government can’t even stop the selling of illegal narcotics so how much more effective they can be in stopping the proliferation of unsafe contraceptive pills?

    Then there’s also the issue of the funds for the RH Law. Will the funds provided by the state for the implementation of the RH Law really go to this or will some corrupt officials just put the funds into their own pockets? Let’s not deny the fact that corruption does exist in our country and the implementation of the RH Law might just be another way for some corrupt officials to take money from the people’s taxes. We may be cynical but we have reason to be so. Time and time again, most of our so-called leaders put their interests above that of the people.

    At the end of the day, there are pros and cons of implementing the RH Law. Will the government stand firm amidst the clamor of the church to not implement the RH Law or will we, the citizens, become witnesses to yet another incident where the church meddles with the state affairs?

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