PMA Entrance Exam 2013 online application, form now available

Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Entrance Examination (PMAEE) online application system for AY 2013-2014 is now available. New PMA Cadetship application form is now also available for download. Examination is set on August 25, 2013. You may check here for the requirements if you fit to become a stellar officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

PMAEE will be conducted in 37 testing centers nationwide

Application for PMAEE is now easy as the academy provides two (2) options on how you can secure your documents at your convenience: online and traditional (manual via mailing of scanned docs or handcarry to the Office of the Cadet Admission).

August 13, 2013 Update: Deadline of submission for application for the August 25,2013 PMA Entrance Examination via mail is on August 15,2013. However, the On-Line Application system will be up until August 19,2013.

August 23, 2013 Update: PMA gives instruction to all applicants of Entrance Examination.
The activity will start at around 7:00 am for the document requirement processing. All applicants are required to undergo the document requirement processing before he/she could take the written examination. The start of the written examination will be at exactly 12:00 noon. The written exam will last for 4 hours.

For the complete intructions on the attire, what to bring during exam, exam area, list of examinees and pending applicants - check here.

How to apply for the online application system?
PMA said that it's  now accepting On Line Application. High School Form 137 and NSO copy of Birth Certificate are the necessary documents for the On Line Application. All interested applicants are requested to scan (pdf file format) said documents and attach it to the On Line Application System.

To register, visit the PMA admission page. It also covers the applicants with pending PMA Cadetship Application.

How to apply using traditional or via mail?
Download, print and fill-up application form. Then, mail to Office of Cadet Admission together with the following forms: NSO copy of your birth certificate and certified true copy of your High School Form 137 (all documents shall become OCA property).

Form should be mailed not later than two weeks before the scheduled examination date at this address:

Philippine Military Academy
Fort del Pilar, Baguio City

or hand carry it to the said address, PMA said.

In order to be accepted for the 2013-2014 PMA Cadetship, the following requirements shall be considered:

Qualifications for Admission:
1. Natural born Filipino citizen
2. Physically fit and of good moral character
3. Single and has never been married
4. At least High School Graduate
5. No Administrative/Criminal Case
6. Must pass the PMA Entrance Examination
7. Minimum height requirement: 5 feet for both male and female (not to exceed 6’ 4” for both)
8. Age requirement: Applicants vying to enter PMA on 01 April 2014 should have been born from 01 April 1992 to 01 April 1997.

Note: Applicants younger than 17 years old but at least 16 years old on 01 April 2014 following the date of examination may apply for cadetship provided that the applicant possesses the above mentioned qualifications. Should the applicant pass the qualifying exam, the procedure in handling underage applicants will apply.

The PMA Entrance Examination covers Algebra and Geometry, Grammar and Composition, Reading and Comprehension, Verbal and Numerical Reasoning and Pattern Analysis. Examination permits will be sent through mail to the address reflected by the applicants in their application forms.

For more questions on your application for the Military Academy, contact the Office of the Cadet Admission:

PILTEL (074) 446-8002
Baguio City Trunk Lines: (074) 447-3690 local 6751 or

Cellular Phone No: (0927) 381 - 0493
(0949) 427 - 0584

The start of the journey of a Filipino youth who dreams to embrace the profession of arms, through the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), is when he submits his application form to the Office of Cadet Admission(OCA) for processing, so that he can take the Philippine Military Academy Cadet Qualification Test (PMACQT).

For the past 100 years, the officers training school of the Armed Forces in the Philippines is handled by the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). It boast of a long and illustrious history of preparing only the best Filipino men (and, in recent times, women) for military service.

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