NBA regular-season games in MOA Arena - 'big announcement' on March 5, 2013

The historic event is happening in the Philipines as Mall of Asia MOA Arena revealed that 'big things'  this March 5, 2013. NBA pre-season game is expected on October 10, 2013. it's going to be a battle between Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers! There is an ongoing negotiations between NBA Entertainment and Mall of Asia management to bring more this year.
NBA Games happening at SM MOA Arena this October 2013
Photo: NBA Games happening at SM MOA Arena this 2013

Filipino basketball fans are now excited to see teams will match on the historic sports fight which is considered to be the first in the Philippines and few in Asia.

“Definitely, we can’t bring the (ongoing 2012-2013) post-season game here but we will have a regular season game here ng 2013-2014,” Mall of Asia general manager Arnel Gonzales  said.

"We’re not doing this for us (Mall of Asia management), but for all the basketball fans. This will be world-class basketball in the Philippines."

Earlier of last month, official Twitter page of MOA Arena tweeted that 'big things' are coming. The photo on the post clearly revealed possible NBA game  in the country.

Brian Windhorst, NBA writer for said that Lakers & Warriors will play games in China next fall, Pacers & Rockets will play in Taipei & Philippines.

TJ Manotoc, sportscaster and news anchor tweeted that announcement will be at noon on Tuesday, March 5, 2013.

With the lates tweets of NBA Philippines, it encourage NBA fans to be part of the history. Winners will be chosen randomly for tweets on Monday 9am-5pm March 4, 2013.

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