When is Globe LTE commercial launch?

    It's already October, and we're still waiting for the formal announcement of Globe Telecoms for their 4G LTE commercial service. Though last September 27, 2012, a minor event for the unveiling of Tattoo Black happened at  Fashion Walk Greenbelt 5.

    Globe Telecoms sent out invitations to selected press people for the event they tagged "rolling out the black carpet for the country's first premium broadband -powered by Globe's 4G - LTE Technology."

    Speculations said that the event marks LTE launch  but the locations of its LTE is not yet revealed. The event did not create online buzz or any news that Globe LTE is fast or better than Smart LTE.

    Globe said that LTE roll out will just be happened by September 2012. Its LTE mobile network will be fired up starting 4th quarter of 2012.

    Globe LTE pricing is now available thru their website. Note that it is much cheaper compare to Smart LTE at almost half the price. But take note also that they said that LTE coverage is for Makati only and as of this writing we're not sure if the 45 sites they mentioned are already on-air.

    Take note that roll-out phase is not just for one-month. It takes around 2-3 months from planning to implementation and up to product verification.

    On the other hand, Smart LTE has coverage metrowide. See LTE location Map here.

    We can say that Globe LTE offering now is a premature. They are not yet ready to face competition. Maybe, Globe is just trying to catch-up attention so that the public may not say they are behind in technology.


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