'I Want It That Way' Qatar version inspired by ABS-CBN reporter's MV

"I Want it That Way" music video created by  now a certified viral online as it was spoof or a new version was created by  Qatar uploaded in Youtube September 25, 2012.

Speetech Group, Qatar based company dedicated to provide service in several areas such as Project Support, Real Estate, Construction, HR Consultancy, General Trading, as well as Catering also want fun inside their office.

Although the total views of their version as of this writing is still low, we expect that many will also watch the MV. Though we doubt if it will surpass the virality of ABS-CBN's Zambrano owned-MV.

For me, the original is still the best as the lip-synch is far better. But, as a Filipino, we should be proud that our effort makes sense for other country.

I Want It That Way (Or What Happens Inside the ABS-CBN Newsroom), post title of Youtube video of ABS-CBN reporters now have more than 500, 000 (half-million) views. It was uploaded September 10, 2012. Jeff Canoy shot and edited the MV  and produced by Jenny Reyes and Chiara.

The uploader said that sometimes journalists like to have fun, too.

Check-out  slice of the newsroom... after the cameras stop rolling.

.What can you say about Qatar version of the music video?


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