UP Pep Squad 2012 CDC Champion; wins 3 consecutive years

The battle for the best campus cheerdance invades SM MOA Arena September 22, 2012 for the Samsung- sponsored Cheerdance  competition with live telecast over Studio 23. Event started at 2pm with big crowd excited for the never-seen-before routines.UP Pep Squad was hailed 2012 CDC Champion. Meanwhile, FEU Cheering Squad and NU grabbed first and second runner-up title respectively.

UP Pep Squad execution 2012 CDC
Photo: UP Pep Squad execution 2012 CDC
Photo Credit: Mark Cristino,ABS-CBNnnews.com

UP Pep Squad got Php340,000 and a Samsung Galaxy Pocket cellphones for each of the team member. Runners-up got Php200,000 and Php140,000 respectively.

UP Pep Squad's Nikolette Erica Ambulo named 'Samsung Stunner' for 2012 CDC who got got a Samsung NX1000 for the prize..

Group Stunts results: UP at first place, FEU at 2nd place and NU at third place.

Before the formal announcement of winners, netizens already tweeted closed-fight between UP and FEU for the champ title. Both teams are technically good and have amazing routines although UP failed at the last part of performance.

Hashtags #UAAPCheerdanceCompetition2012, #SamsungCheerdance, National University , #FEUCheeringSquad, Disney ,Top 3and Studio 23 were among the early Twitter trending topics.

Social media buzz is high while the competitions heats up.

Senator Miriam Santiago on her Twitter account commnets on ADMU anime-themed performance "Haha, I liked the Voltes V, but so far FEU parin.".

Henzel Villanueva said "I'm a proud Thomasian and i support pero sa CDC lang yan...

Hans Alliver tweeted" Routine, tumblings, gymnastics for FEU. Level of difficulty, style and 'angas'ness for UP. Pero pa din."

The truth about UP Pep Squad which donated their hair to make wigs for cancer patients also rule twitter topics.

Participants in order of performance:
  1. Adamson Pep Squad(K-Pop Theme)
  2. DLSU Animo Squad(Boxing Theme)
  3. NU Pep Squad(Fairytale Theme)
  4. FEU Cheering Squad (Jungle Theme)
  5. UE Pep Squad(Immortals Theme)
  6. UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe(Dancing Flame Theme)
  7. Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion(Voltes V Theme)
  8. UP Pep Squad (Freedom Theme)
Criteria for Judging:
Dance Technique (10 points), Lifts and Stunts (10), Choreography (10), Degree of Difficulty (10), Synchronization (10), Pyramids (10), Jumps (5), Tumbling Skills (5), Tosses (5), Formations (5), Audibility/Clarity of Cheers (5), Uniforms and Props (5), and Overall Effectiveness (10).

Watch HERE for the winning performances of UP, FEU and NU.


From my observation, UP Pep Squad is no doubt the champion. Routines and executions were very entertaining, fascinating, fresh and world-class. FEU deserved second place.

What do you think?

Anyway, congrats to all the winners!

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